Titanic – A tribute to an Epic 1997

I was just seven years old when I watched ‘TITANIC’. At that time it was the only movie admired by 7 to 70 years old. Everyone madly loved this movie and a second time watch was must.  According to the film critics the movie was comparable to classics like ‘Casablanca’ and ‘Gone with the winds’. No one ever imagined, not even the director, that the “mediocre drama” as labeled by certain harsh critics could change the face of Hollywood. Even the nations that have never watched any American movie loved it so much!

It was said that the Titanic can make the most insensitive man cry!

The movie received the most number of Oscar nominations ever and the most wins too, highest grossing movie of the 20thcentury and still the second highest on planet (just behind Avatar by the same director). Such an example is unparalleled… what Titanic achieved can never be achieved again, a movie that was liked by all and was like a wonder on the silver screen…

Titanic - Movie of a Lifetime..

Titanic – Movie of a Lifetime..

People still remember Rose, Jack and the most famous ‘flying machine scene’ and ‘that legendary kiss…’ which defined a new era of film making, an epic whose commercial and critical success were mind boggling for everyone! I still find myself grateful that I had a chance to witness the legend…


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