Thomas Jefferson – Third President of United States of America – Purchased Louisiana – Sculptured into Mt Rushmore – 1743 CE – 1826 CE  

Thomas Jefferson – Early Life

Thomas Jefferson was born on 13th April, 1743 in Shadwell, Virginia. His family was of wealthy landlords. Thomas Jefferson was an American Founding Father and a principal author of the Declaration of Independence. He studied Latin, French, philosophy and playing the violin. He lived in his mansion “Monticello”. Thomas Jefferson was a widower, casual man who was eccentric and secretive

Thomas Jefferson – Third President of United States – 1742 CE – 1826 CE

Thomas Jefferson – The Time as President of USA – 1801 CE – 1809 CE

In 1800, the founding party of the US, the Federalists, were defeated. At this election, the press played an important role for the first time and power transition between political parties was performed. Thomas Jefferson was the first Democratic Republican president. He was the first to be inaugurated in the capital Washington, and he quoted one on the most important inaugural speeches in US history stating “We are all Federalists, we are all Republicans”. He considered his term as a second revolution and he felt that the federal government had too much power and he wanted to change that.

1800 CE Election Result for Thomas Jefferson against Federal John Adams

It was said that Thomas Jefferson was the first to let go of the formal obligations in office, like Jefferson used to open the door to his guests in the White House himself and wore slippers. He also hosted informal supper parties at the White House where guests would sit anywhere they like. Thomas Jefferson also kept two bear cubs in the White house.

Thomas Jefferson – Politics and Office

As a manager, he was effective and went against all the formal and bureaucratic system. He sent his annual messages to the congress written instead of being a speech. He was not a good public speaker and had a soft voice. Unlike Adams, he was dealing very well with the press.

Thomas Jefferson never responded to any press scandals and criticism, including the one meant with his relationship with one of his slaves.

Louisiana Purchase – Increased the Size of United States by two times

Thomas Jefferson has done the “Louisiana Purchase” which doubled the size of the United States and sent the “Lewis and Clark expedition” to explore the new territory. He was re-elected for a second term, which wasn’t that good for him since Thomas Jefferson had to deal with the war between England and France. Jefferson chose to ignore them both and keep neutral. Although being neutral, American merchants whom dealt with both nations infuriated both England and France. Thomas Jefferson took one of the worst decisions of his presidency, and it was cutting trades with both nations resulting in a catastrophe with tradesmen and businesses in the new republic (The Embargo).

Mount Rushmore Monument with Sculpture of Four Presidents – George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Theodore Roosevelt and Abraham Lincoln

 Thomas Jefferson – Later Life and Death

Thomas Jefferson’s Grave

Jefferson was tormented by continuous migraine attacks at the end of his term which affected his presidency. He hated being a president and kept this encrypted in his grave. Thomas Jefferson died on 4th July, 1826, the same day as that of John Adams, just a few hours earlier. Thomas Jefferson also founded the Virginia University. At the time of his death, Thomas Jefferson was under a debt of around a hundred thousand dollars.

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