The Red Paint People – People Named After Their Red Burial Sites 3000 BC – 1000 BC

Red Paint People were among the ancient Archaic population that flourished on the American soil. The point of origin of these people is highly debatable but most archeologists agree that they formed their community around 8000 BC and their peak time time was between 3000 BC to 1000 BC. Warren K Moorehead was one of the renowned archeologist who did a lot of research on these people. The culture of these people is therefore also known as Moorehead Burial Tradition.

The Red Paint People

The Red Paint People were mostly known because of their graves and burial site. These burial sites were painted in red color. They used to cover and make their burial using Ochre. Ochre is among the earliest coloring pigment used by man. It was derived from naturally tinted clay that contains mineral oxides. Ochre  was such an important part of their life that some archeologist even mention these people as Red Ocher People.

Red Ochre Stone Used to Color The Burials of The Red Paint People

The Graves of Red Paint people were first discovered in 1840. The most famous specialist of the graves of red paint people was a Harvard student Charles Willoughby. He started analyzing the material and architecture of these graves in 1892. Willoughby presented a scale model of his findings including Artifacts and especially the graves at the Chicago Columbian Exposition in 1893. It is believed that this model motivated Moorehead to know more about the red paint people. Moorehead did a lot of research on these people and wrote a whole research which shows his extraordinary talent of extracting information about these people; covering various fields of their lifestyle, culture and so on. Finally he published his whole work in 1912. According to Moorehead the culture of red paint people is oldest in their area.

The Red Paint people used to live near rivers or coasts so their diet included mostly fishes like sea fish, anadromous fish, shellfish. Apart from that, these people also consumed meat, berries, acorns, nuts and roots. There are certain evidence that these people created boats and also did seasonal occupation and trading. One theory suggests that these people were nomad and used to go deep inside the continent during winters. The descendant of these people still lived in America and they inherited many values and culture from their ancestors.

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