The Plano Culture – Earliest Archaic People 9000 BC to 8000 BC

The Plano culture was established by the earliest Archaic people around 9000 BC. These people were scattered throughout the Great Plains of North America. These people were primaly nomads who used to hunted and gather food. The word ‘Plano’ means ‘Plain’ in Spanish. The Plano culture extended from Atlantic Coast to British Columbia and from Gulf of Mexico to  Northwest Territories. The most important source of their history is extracted from the archaeological sites in Peace river valley of Alberta and British Columbia.

Plano People related to Plano Culture - Hunting for Food

Plano People related to Plano Culture – Hunting for Food

Climatic changes also played a very significant role in the modification and way of living of Plano community. Around 8000BC these people modified the old Thrusting spear used by Paleo Indian. The major problem of Thrusting spear was that it was very hard to use and the person has to get very close to it’s prey. Thus making hunting a very dangerous task. The Plano Spear Thrower was completely different as it can be thrown from a long distance. Morever these Spear thrower had better speed and accuracy.

Plano Culture Weopons - Early Archaic Weopons

Plano Culture Weopons – Early Archaic Weopons

The Plano people where geographically divided in three zones:

Western Plano who extended from southeastern Manitoba to the Foothills of the Rocky Mountains, as far north as the Peace River Valley in Alberta and British Columbia

Eastern Plano people used to live in Boreal Forest and Lichen Woodland environments. They were also found in a strip extending from southeastern Manitoba, through Ontario along the north shores of Lakes Superior and Erie, and along the St. Lawrence River to the northern coast of the Gaspe Peninsula.

Northern Plano people lived from the Keewatin District in the Northwest Territories to southern Nunavut.

It is widely believed that Plano people used to be a group of families living in a band . These bands used to come together in a part of year . Then these bands used to do seasonal hunting. The main diet of these people included antelope, elk, deer, raccoon, coyote, bison, pronghorn etc Later on because of extreme climatic conditions these groups scattered elsewhere. Paleo-Arctic Tradition started developing after it around 8000 BC.

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