The Olmec – First American Civilization – 1500 BC – 400 BC

The Olmec civilization was America’s first civilization and developed in Mesoamerica, which is present day Mexico and some other parts of Central America. They lived during 1500 to 400 BC. These people were basically farmers and their principal crop was corn. Major cities in their civilization were Tres Zapotes, La Venta and San Lorenzo.

Olmec Pyramids around 1000 years BC

Olmec Pyramids around 1000 years BC

San Lorenzo is located in south east Mexico it is one of the most important center of Olmec civilization. It is most famous for it’s cobata (colossal heads which are having tons of weight and few meters height.

Olmec Civilization Map, around 1500 BC - 400 BC

Olmec Civilization Map, around 1500 BC – 400 BC

La Venta is located in the state of Tabasco in Mexico It is mostly known for it’s high class artifacts which are now shifted to a museum in Tabasco.

Olmec Cobata - Found at Olmec Capital of Tres Zapotes - around 750 BC

Olmec Cobata – Found at Olmec Capital of Tres Zapotes – around 750 BC

Tres Zapotes is located in south central mexico near the Papaloapan river.It is said that the cultures like Veracruz and Epi Olmec existed here for more than 2 millennium.

The Olmec were religious people who were ruled by their priest. Olmec are mostly known for making great carved heads of stones called Cobata (collosal heads). They also built Monuments, Pyramids and Temples to glorify their leaders. They made the First Calender in America. They also developed a counting system and achieved huge success in the field of arts and science.

There civilization lasted for almost 900 years after it the Maya civilization started.


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