The Maya Civilization – The Americans who Flourished for 700 years and more… 250 AD – 900 AD

The Maya was one of the highest developed civilizations of its time. It flourished from 250AD to 900AD near the Yucatan peninsula which include present day South Mexico, Belize, Guatemala, Honduras and El Salvador. Maya were primarily farmers and used to grow crops like Cotton, corn and squash. Maya were ruled by Noble class. Only a person belonging to this class can become King or priest. The King was considered to have godlike qualities.

Tikal Temple of Maya Culture

Tikal Temple of Maya Culture

Maya built at least 80 cities among them Tikal was the largest. Tikal is near the Peten Basin in Northern Guatemala. It is one of the UNESCO world heritage. Tikal was constructed during the 4 century BC . It reached it’s pinnacle between 200 to 900 AD. Tikal was having a long dynastic rule. Tikal is most famous for it’s temple monuments and palaces. Maya built 200 feet high pyramids for their gods like Itzamna (god of creation), Ixchel(goddess of moon) and Kukulcan(god of king).

Maya were highly skilled in Mathematics and astronomy they developed world’s first solar calendar having 365 days. In fact, Maya were the first people in the world to accurately calculate the days in year as other civilizations were using moon as basis for calculating days in year.They did careful observations of Sun, Moon, Stars and Planet. They developed the first complex writing system in America which either had symbols or glyphs.

Maya Calender - The Most Ancient Calender

Maya Calender – The Most Ancient Calender

Maya’s astrology is still considered of great importance. According to few tales Maya were the first people in America who predicted the doomsday.

It is said that they made calendar having last day near 2012 AD. Thus according to Maya world will end in 2012. Few rationalists condemn it and present their own view. According to them Maya may have limited knowledge and resources so they were not able to make calendars further it. This is currently one of the most intriguing mystery of the present world which is still unsolved.

Maya civilization never ended even after the end of classic age in 900 AD.

The Mayans existed in MesoAmerica. The Spanish conquest in 14th century couldn’t eradicate them. They are still found in these regions. They speak languages like Achi. Their culture is distinctly recognized in the region.

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