The Maritime Archaic Tradition – Inhabitants of East America 7000 BC

The Maritime Archaic community lived around 7000 BC. These people were speard throughout the East-American continent that includes regions like Newfoundland, New England etc. There are numerous sites discovered, from Maine in US to Labrador in the North. These people mostly lived in the subarctic climatic condition and due to their location these people used to do fishing. The cold currents also promoted their fishing and catching various sea mammals on the eastern coast of Canada and US.

Burial Site - Maritime Archaic People

The Maritime Archaic people were mostly known for making Longhouses. These houses were made up of timber and were one of the most significant structures representing early Neolithic age. Apart from this these people also build Boat-Topped house or temporary Seasonal houses.

The Maritime Archaic culture gave rise to numerous culture in this region. It is a wide notion that many tribes and tradition flourishing in this region are related with this 9000 year old tradition. Beothuk tradition of Newfoundland were the descendent of Archaic people. The population of this group was completely wiped out due to the Eurasian diseases spread in this region and mass killing by the Europeans in 1800 AD. It is said that Shanawdithit was the last survivor of this tribe killed in 1829 AD. Apart from this other cultures like Dorset culture which wiped out in 1500 AD due to Inuit attack. Algonquian language speakers living near Saint Lawrence river are also the descendents of the Maritime Archaic people.

Archaic Fish Spear

There are many famous sites of Maritime Archaic people. A Mortuary site was discovered in Newfoundland. This site revealed over 100 graves that contained many artifacts, tools, clothe, sharpoons, daggers etc. Thus pointing out that a culture flourished in this region.

Fishing with Fish Spear

The most famous are the burial sites of Red Ocher people spread throughout the Northeast America. They contain White Chert artifacts. The archaeological sites are located in the Upper Great Lakes, the Greater Illinois River Valley, and the Ohio River Valley in the American Midwest.

A Red Ocher burial complex, dating from 1000 BC to 400 BC was found in this region which is probably related to the Terminal Archaic – Early Woodland period. This phase also gives idea of the end of Maritime people.

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