The Folsom Tradition – Successors of Clovis Community – 9000 BC – 6000 BC

The Folsom culture, also called Lindenmeier culture, developed around 9000BC in North America after Clovis culture. The evidences of this culture were first  excavated from the Folsom city, New Mexico in 1926. The archeological evidence suggest that these people used to live throughout the Great Plains of US from Texas to Montana. These people were mostly known for their stone tools like ‘Folsom Point’. The Folsom people were the first people known in the history of US who developed the method of group hunting by surrounding and killing animals.

The archeological sites in Hanson, Wyoming suggest that these people used to kill as many as 50 Bison and whole community used to feed on it. The most famous Folsom site is Lindenmeier which is in the north eastern Larimer county, Colarado, United States. This site was discovered in the year 1924. The site is mostly famous for its Folsom component and Folsom culture campsite. It is made a national historic landmark in US in the year 1961.

Lindenmeier Site - Folsom Tradition

Lindenmeier Site – Folsom Tradition

 These people quickly adapted to the climatic changes and within few years developed a whole system of using resource, weapon system and extraordinary hunting system. It is widely believed that these people modified the weapon system of Clovis people. The weapons were much more sharp and were used to kill the Wild Bison which were spread throughout the great grasslands. These people were the first who started using spear thrower weapon in America.

These people were mostly nomads and there settlement was seasonal. There are also certain evidence that these people were having religious belief and ideas. There is notion that these people used to do medical ceremonies and certain fire based religious rituals.

Folsom Point - Weapon

Folsom Point – Weapon

The climate change produced a significant change in their pattern of living. As the Ice age ended soon the American continent started warming up thus promoting growth of grass . As the Mammoth population disappeared, the population of bison herds gradually increased, thus changing their hunting trends and method of making weapon.

It is not clear what was the ultimate fate of Folsom Culture, although it is supposed that a long lasting drought made them to shift further downwards towards Central American around 6000 BC.

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