The Clovis Culture – The Ice Age Community – 13500 BC

The Clovis culture developed around 13500 years ago. They emerged at the end of the glacial age. The culture derives its name from ‘Clovis point’, which is a kind of a weapon made by ivory or bone, used by Clovis people. Clovis culture influenced various other cultures like Folsom tradition, Gainey tradition, Suwannee-Simpson tradition, Plainview-Goshen tradition, Cumberland tradition, and Redstone tradition.

Clovis Culture - Hunting Mammoth

Clovis Culture – Hunting Mammoth

The Clovis sites were first discovered in New Mexico in 1930. Since then it was widely believed that the Clovis were the first inhabitant of America and all the native Americans are successor of Clovis people although this notion was widely challenged when it was found that before Clovis other cultures resided in this region. Certain sites like in Monte Verde in Chile present a whole different view. Presently, in Pedra Furada, Brazil certain mummified human remains are found that is almost 19000 years old. All this suggest that inhabitants already settled here before the Clovis. Archeologists have different views and ideas regarding American history before 10000 AD. So it’s a debatable issue that which community firstly lived in this region.

Clovis Culture Point Weapons

Clovis Culture Point Weapons

Clovis communities were hunters who were most famous for hunting Mammoths. It is believed that Mammoths vanished after the Ice age probably because of large scale hunting done by Clovis population and also because of climatic changes. Mammoths remain are found in Clovis caves. These people used ‘Clovis points’ to hunt Mammoths, Wild Bison (now extinct), Tapir, and Sloths etc.

The most common notion regarding the extinction of Clovis culture is the decline in population of Mammoths which were hunted by these people. This theory is called Pleistocene overkill theory. It is also believed that there population growth rate started falling down. One more theory suggests that these people died because of extreme cold condition or Cold Shock theory. One more hypothesis is “Clovis Comet” which suggests that 12500 years ago a comet struck the Great Lake in North America which ended their civilization. This theory is found more evident when human skulls are found to have extreme amount of magnetic and metallic remains.


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