Suddhodana – Father of Buddha – King of Kapilavastu – Around 570 BC

King Suddhodana was father of Buddha. He was the king of Kapilavastu, an Ancient Kingdom of India. As per the Jataka tales Suddhodana was father of Buddha in many of his births (Buddhists believe in the theory of rebirth).

King Suddhodana and Queen Mahamaya Devi with Prince Siddharth

King Suddhodana and Queen Mahamaya Devi with Prince Siddharth

Early Life of Suddhodana

Suddhodana belonged to one of the richest clans of Ancient India called Shakya. His father was King Sihahanu and mother was queen Kacchanaa. Suddhona was having six siblings two sisters Amitaa and Pamitaa and four brothers Dhotadana, Sukkodana, Sakkodana and Amitodana. His wife was Maya, mother of Buddha. Maya was also the chief adviser of king Siddhodana. Maya’s sister was Prajapati, who took the position of chief advisor after death of her sister.

Prince Siddhartha with Queen Yashodhara

Prince Siddhartha with Queen Yashodhara

Protecting Buddha from Real World

Various astrologers predicted that Buddha will either become a saint or very reknowed king. Astrologers warned king Suddhodana that if Buddha see diseased man old man or corpse he will leave his material life. The king therefore decided to keep Buddha within the limits of palace. He also married Buddha so that he remain busy with his wife.

The walls of palace were not enough to keep the great sage unaware of the worldly affairs and as the destiny wanted he saw all those sites. This compelled Buddha to take Salvation. He left his wife and son Rahula (Rahula means rope forcing to attach with the worldly affairs) in the palace and went in search of enlightenment.

Suddhodana forcing Buddha to Return

Suddhodana tried his level best to bring back Buddha he sent 10,000 messenger to Buddha but all those messenger were converted to Buddhism and became follower of Buddha . He then sent nine other messenger but they also became follower of Buddha. Finally the king sent Kaludayi, the childhood friend of Buddha, even he was also converted. Thus, the king had to give up. He invited Buddha to come to Kapilavastu to meet him.

Releasing from cycle of rebirth, attending true knowledge and death

Buddha accepted invitation of his father and stayed in Nigrodha Arama at Kapilavastu. King Suddhodana saw Buddha taking bhiksha (begging). King was highly angry on Buddha as he was doing something highly against the custom of royal family and was not appropriate for a prince. He inquired Buddha why he is doing so? Buddha answered this in such a way that Suddhodana became follower of Buddha. the answer completely satisfied Suddhodana and thus he attended Sotapanna (intermediate stage of nirvana) and later became Anagami (releasing from the cycle of rebirth). At his deathbed he was preached by Buddha which made him an Arahant.

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