Slavery – Its Rise and Decline in United States of America – 1619 AD – 1865 AD

The practice of slavery began in United States almost a century before its Independence. The first colony that legalized slavery was Virginia in 1619 AD. Evidence suggests that in the 16th Century AD, the Spanish were doing Slave-Trade. Most of the slaves came from Africa. In 1619, a ship carrying 20 Black slaves arrived in Virginia. Salves were bought by their White masters. Apart from Black Africans slaves there were slaves from the Native American community.

African Slave Trade

Employment of Slaves

Slaves were employed mostly as farmer or household servant. In fields they used to grow various cash crops like tobacco, cotton, sugar, coffee etc. They were trained in groups by their Master. Most of the slave owners were from the Southern United States. In 1705, a new slave code was formed which enabled white supremacy. The slavery by Native Americans was abolished by Spain in 1769 and only Africans were employed as slave. It is estimated that almost 12 million Africans were shipped from Africa between 16th to 19th centuries to work as slave in American continent. In United States slave population was almost half a million which reached four million by the mid-nineteenth century

Slave Trade - Slaves being Carried in a Ship

Slave Statue - Wearing Iron Collar

End of Slavery after Thirteenth Amendment of United States constitution 1865

By 1850s a huge political debate started regarding the slavery. As a result, slave trade was abolished. Various Supreme Court decision were against slavery. Slaves were migrating from US to Canada as Canada was slavery free nation. American Civil War took place due to slavery. It was, thus, decided to abolish the practice of slavery in the thirteenth amendment of United States constitution 1865.

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