Skandagupta – Successor of Kumargupta I – Last Great Gupta Ruler – 455 AD – 467 AD

Skandagupta was the successor of Kumaragupta I and came to power in 455 AD. Scholars think that the time of his death, and end of ruler-ship, was around 467 AD.

Skandagupta reigned around the half way mark of the Gupta dynasty’s rule, and there were many more Gupta rulers after him. However, Skandagupta was thought to be one of the last great rulers of the Gupta Empire. After Skandagupta rule, the Gupta Empire began to decline, it was a slow, gradual decline.

Skandagupta Sculpture - 455 AD - 467 AD

Skandagupta Sculpture – 455 AD – 467 AD

Skandagupta – A Proficient Warrior King

It is evident from sources that Skandagupta was a military general. Some scholars even think that he was a self-proclaimed, self-appointed military commander. This is likely, given that there is record that during his reign he faced many battles. Skandagupta faced many battles in forms of rebellions. These rebellions were held in central areas such as Huna. Skandagupta was successful in confronting the rebellion, and crushing the revolt by in Huna.


Skandagupta Empire Map - Gupta Empire around 460 - After Chandragupta Vikramaditya

Skandagupta Empire Map – Gupta Empire around 460 – After Chandragupta Vikramaditya

Skandagupta – An Era of Rebellions

These rebellions give us some insight into Skandagupta leadership, and, they give us an insight into him as a man, and as a leader. They show that Skandagupta had strength as a leader. It also shows that he did not tolerate such rebellions. The insight that these rebellions give us about Skandagupta as a man, and as a leader, is that he had strength, and that he was a warrior. However, it also shows us that Skandagupta did not have full control over his empire. He did not have the full support of his people, is what these rebellions suggest. It also shows that there were early signs of the Gupta empires fall, under his rule. He ruled at a time when the Gupta Empire was beginning to slowly lose its grip, and control over the lands, and the people that it controlled.

Skandagupta – A Rebellion and a Gradual Decline

His leadership was not a disaster though, but, it was transitional. In that Skandagupta was the last of the great Gupta kings, and, his leadership paved the way for the fall and destruction of the Gupta Empire.

Coin of Skandagupta

Coin of Skandagupta

Skandagupta – Death and Succession

Scholars think that Skandagupta died around 467 AD. Skandagupta was then succeeded to the throne by his brother Purugupta. Skandagupta did crush the rebellion by Hunas during his lifetime. However, Skandagupta wasn’t overall effective in crushing it for good, as the rebellion arose again at his death.

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