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Greetings earthlings,

Well i was just spending my loads of free time at a cafe with friends when i overheard a girl asking a boy “hey what’s your sun sign??” So i thought why not to write my not so appreciated point of view as well….


Wherever we see and when ever we are among a group of people we’ve just met, the sun signs is the most inevitable topic of discussion…. “Oh you are a scorpion (bloody stingers)” or “ah you are a leo (ooh attractive, bring it on)”

But well all i think is that these days just due to the lack of pick up lines and new ideas sun signs have taken place as the best way of wooing girls [this is just for the blog’s publicity my dear girl friends ;)]

Some days back, a friend of mine lend me a book of a famous author who actually¬†specializes in astrological and sun signs books. I was actually amazed to see that for each sun sign she had dedicated around 50 – 60 pages :o and what’s even more concerning that the friend of mine actually thought that i would go through and read my sign if not the whole book. I mean people do actually read it?????? and after that discuss it ????????? and then take it seriously as well????????

I mean if i have some serious lack of confidence and am getting suicidal and not feeling too well about myself then i would probably go ahead and read my sign as the only thing it does best is to boost egos and make people feel good about themselves. So i advise that these books be only used in hospitals for patients so that the leos and the scorpions and the tauras will feel good and probably will fight the disease¬†psychologically at least [can’t say the same about cancerians though :p(wonder what they’d do)]

Logically let me do a simple calculation to explain my thesis(i love that word, sounds nerdy!!). I guess we have a population of more than 6 billion, and we have 12 signs, so 6 billion divided by 12 is 50 million (i m very weak at maths so please don’t mind the mistakes, if any), 50 million people in the world are just like me wow!!![i have 50 million¬†substitutes in the world??? don’t tell my parents or they’ll commit suicide according to them one of me is more than enough for their lifetime ;)]

All in all guys use it to impress girls and to start a conversation and some famous authors (still haven’t taken any name,i don’t have money to pay if anyone sues me) to make a hole in the readers pocket. Authors will continue to do the same but what i can urge to you girls out there is try and be more relaxed and comfortable so that guys can actually feel you are approachable. Trust me no guy likes discussing sun signs… that’s the way i see it ;)

Till next time,



  1. hi btw i thought u take sun signs seriously….u by heart knows the specific characters of each sun sign…i guess u know it as u use them as ur pick up lines….also may be u haven't heard there is some new sun sign dates 2011 n acc. to it u no more a scorpio;((


  3. well i think there is a category for everything…. ppl can be divided into either good, bad or even grey….. girls can be divided into hot, beautiful, good looking, sober-simple, serene or simply average… guys can be divided into hunks, intellectuals or simply dumb :P……. so why cant sunsigns can divide ppl into 12 (ooops now 13) diff categories…… vaise bhi its not a individualistic approach,its more or less a generalization of the character of that person….. so no matter how horrible the news is for ur parents….they have to live with the fact that there are 50 million such siddharth existing on this planet who may not act or react like u in a particular situation but they do have a general character like urs ;)…
    and as for ur point that ppl read abt sunsigns coz it makes them feel good abt themselves….. true but wats the harm????
    my advice- take that book again from ur fren n read it..if nothing else at least it will gv u some more points to impress the girls around u :P

  4. *Siddhi – Well its the thing that you see in the sun signs…

    A question i want to ask you .. do u think that there are 50 million people like me out there ??

    and yeah there cannot be that many people like anyone on the planet and for me, well the most important thing that accounts for your personality is your upbringing and your surroundings…

    If we were so much influenced by our sun signs then our parents would be planning our date of birth which is 'actually' very possible… and will be giving birth to their children in all the so called power signs…!!!

  5. technically speaking there cant be 50 million ppl like u (i have to eliminate all the scorpion females ;)…. anyways jokes apart i never said that they r exactly like u in their behavior…n yup i do agree that wat matters most is ur upbringing and surroundings but i also believe that ur sun sign also play a vital part…
    and as for planning their babies… well people 'actually' do that….. one of my fren told me that his bhabhi actually planned their baby coz she wanted a scorpion kid ;) (y ppl want a scorpion kid thts beyond my range of understanding…but then thts a completely diff story n ryt now i m not getting into that)….

  6. For all those who believe in sun signs this is a MUST READ :P :P :P :P ;)

  7. i completely agree with u.. THE WAY I SEE every person on this earth is unique and in case u want to find any similarity between any 2 persons on this earth of any 2 different sun signs ,u can always find 5 similarities at least so these sun signs sucks!!!!

  8. *Suhani – yeah agree… i mean who doesn't like music or movies or travelling or something else…
    people get excited just by hearing it and term it as similarity and blame it on the signs.. i guess its just for the rush of adrenaline ;)

  9. Be original says:

    Nothing gonna change in me even after reading this article(i will still believe in sunsigns) , but i must appreciate the writer about his keen observant about the sun signs. looking forward for more interesting article like this one

  10. The blog turned so amusing when numbers showed up.. :D Quite realistic! And your language is so kind of easy going and fun to read.. I am gonna pick up some tips. :)

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