Small town love triangle : Boy, girl and the whole of town ;)

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Greetings friends,

Today’s blog is specifically dedicated to small town chaps like me who not only have to think about having a love affair but also about the rest of the town where everybody knows everybody and it becomes virtually impossible to date the girl  without getting sighted by somebody or the other….

Firstly, I’ll explain how things work here because people living in metros probably would not have to face the ordeals that we poor folks have to :( …. [since i’m a guy so i ll be writing about what guys do, so women please don’t consider me chauvinist, i m just writing on my experiences and i m not a woman] ;)

Step one – Locating – This is the primary step and one of the most important one… A guy see a girl falls for her and then he is looking out for her. A guy has to locate a girl as far from his place as possible so that at least the news will take some time to travel and by that time he thinks he’ll manage something (which is rarely the case). He also has to look into the fact that least people of the girl’s family know least people of his family (a 100% guarantee is never assured) and also that the girl has not too many brothers specially not fathers who are cops or are minister’s right or left hand or a babu or an influential person or whatever (because in small towns everybody is somebody and you are not in that list).

Step two – Approaching/stalking/following/pursuing/etc./etc. – If you thought that you are done wit the hardest step, think again…. according to me 95% of the guys are rejected or neglected or kicked during this phase only and that’s when they enter the devdas phase. I mean in small town almost every other guy is behind some girl and rarely gets her. Stalking her no end and following till her doorstep as if he’s her father’s unappointed yet self proclaimed bodyguard (who doesn’t gets paid instead spends his own money just to woo the girl no end).
Following the scooty, the rickshaw, on foot , however they can they will as at that point nothing beat the overpowering emotions [which are suitably tackled by girl’s father and brothers if caught following;) :D] yet they do not seem to understand the fact that you can not get a girl unless approached properly and methodically not just by following/ stalking her no end.

Step three – Dating/meeting – For the brave hearts who see through the first two suicidal stages and still makes through to the 3rd one, my accolades and hearty congratulations(well done brothers). Now when they have gone against all odds and have finally approached the girl in right way (or probably got smacked by brother or father and have earned the girl’s sympathy) and have won her heart, they actually think that what now??? :o I mean where are they suppose to meet and how are they suppose to talk??? the girl sleeps with her siblings and the guy’s father knows everyone in town?? that’s where the beauty of small town indian grit swells in.. The girl can’t talk but well she can text without looking at her mobile and by just keeping her fingers moving inside the quilt… They watch a movie( i don’t know how much of it) , entering hall separately so that they don’t get spotted together,which has almost no people and only couples in the show (because the movie is a dud and there’s no place else to date). The girl never miss her tuition after that and also her friend’s are frequently ill, sometimes there’s a college outing [with only 2 people in it and the 2nd one is probably not from her college;)], or a college party but one thing is for sure cinema halls can never be empty in a small town;)

Step Four – Relationship – Now we reached the very advanced stages of the relation and most of the people don’t last this long. Probably their parents come to know about the affair or the guy or the girl or probably both leave the town to fulfill their ambitions (who wants to live in there forever??). For the more serious ones a long distance relationship is carved out which is not the biggest hurdle because you know that you have already been through worse and anyways i consider a small town relation a Long distance one, because you get to talk, but not to walk the talk ;)
For the people who are actually serious this is where the relationship starts, everything before that was infatuation and instincts(mostly). Now they can safely be called a couple. :) The rest is in the their hands (well not exactly but just to say so) to take the relationship forward. But again, if they have to think about the marriage then, there is another epic waiting to be written in the corners ;) The religion, the castes, the status, the gotra (for whatever that means), the society, the relatives, the whole freaking town has to taken into account and come to think about it, the poor couple only wants to marry ????

There’s a lot more to say and write but well i don’t want to be getting on anyone’s nerves. I described the situations as best i could and genuinely hope that people’s attitude will change (and also that the cinema hall owners will consider making cabin rooms in the halls you know at a premium price) ha ha .. kidding…
Thats the way I see it :)



  1. rajatjainib says:

    Hey you missed out about cyber cafes, had u written this blog 4-5 years earlier that was a prime location. I agree about the cabin, I hope u tried the Movie Theater and faced that difficulty… I empathize… :P

    Well it's tough for small town guys to carry out a thing (love story) and this four-steps theory is crucial ;)

    There's one more prime dating technique for small towners like us…. SOCIAL NETWORKING SITES!! The most awaited RESCUE POINTS with a variety of options ;)

    Good Day!

  2. *Rajat – Of course buddy the cyber cafes are a passe because of the police raids and yeah internet is obviously a boon to the small towners.

    *Siddhi – He he i know the option of car is available but to a selected few you know.
    And again the problem is that the car is easily identified [i'm sure you must have experienced it yourself ;)he he, kidding]

  3. n wat abt cars…. i guess they r the safest option for all the small town love birds (did i actually said SAFEST :p :P)…….
    n if u cant afford the luxury of a 4-wheeler (doesnt matter even if its ur frens' old rusty maruti 800)…man u r doomed….
    keep waiting for the right place n the right time n the right amount of luck so that u or the girl dont get caught…
    all i can really say on the matter is-

  4. trust me even if its a metro city,its not that easy …it has its own problems..
    at the end of the day we r living in INDIA

  5. he he.. i know but well at metros something can be worked out you know.. at least you can roam around without the fear of being spotted… there you have freedom to do anything without ringing the alarm bells..

  6. but car is still a safe option till u focus on driving….. eak bar dhyan bhang hua to phir to….. agrawal can tell u better from his own experience……

  7. ya right :P

  8. no cars for me..

  9. omg, just loved it, so true..though I never dated in aligarh but I can understand how difficult it would be there, hope whole town could read it and realize what a pain in ass they are for couples :D :D

  10. Bhai nice story… Is it real?

  11. thanks savy :)

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