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Greetings Friends,

I thought of publishing this blog next week, but well couldn’t wait till then… In today’s blog i m going to revisit the past and tell you guys an incident that happened with me and one of my very best friends Praphull.Statutory warning : All the events described in the below mentioned story are real and their similarity to any character is not a mere coincidence. It is not for the faint hearted (like me). But well who gives a damn when we are talking about the queen of the damned…

Location – Mysore (Karnataka)

Since i am a hotel management graduate, i had to undergo a compulsory 20 weeks industrial training in my 2nd year. There were 5 of us friends who went to Mysore for training in a 5 star heritage hotel [not taking any names, again don’t want to get sued ;)] The hotel was built by the Maharaja of Mysore [again no names :)] for his royal guests which was converted to a hotel [great property but very badly handled or shall i say manhandled].

My first department was Front Office and after that i went to Food and Beverage Service [after serving a punishment shift of 1 week :( . Midway in that department my friend Praphull also joined it and then we started having a real good time. One of things that we both loved to do was to go on the terrace of the hotel after our shift which ended at 10pm and sit there for a couple of hours gazing the hills and the city lights and wondering how good the king’s life would be ;).

Now the hotel has 5 main Domes, 4 at the corners and 1 dome right at the center of the hotel roof which happen to be the tallest and the biggest one as well. So one night at the stroke of midnight or so as Praphull and I were sitting at the terrace we saw the central dome and decided to check it out.

As we headed toward the dome, Praphull switched on his mobile’s torch [Nokia 1100 – with the light so flashy that when he used to flash it in my eyes, my eyes wanted to slap him and tell him to put new battery in the phone so the lights would be brighter ;) he he] and we reached the dome. There was a pipeline goin in there which was at least 3 feet high and we had to climb it to open the dome’s door. So praphull was walking infront of me and climbed the pipeline and i was holding the torch.

When we flashed light on the door, we saw that the door was chained which came as a surprise as all the other domes were open all the time. Anyways, Praphull started to remove the chain slowly and as soon as he was done he slightly opened the door which started making a lot of noise (because of lack of oiling).

Just then, at that point of time we both froze exactly where we were because from inside the dome we heard some noise, and what we heard was something outrageous and we both looked at each other in shock and without wasting another second started running like crazy towards the terrace exit.

We ran out of the hotel, and then out from the grounds in horror and without stopping or even saying a word to each other, we kept running. Only when we were sure that we have come a bit far from the hotel did we started walking towards our home. After reaching home, we finally spoke to each other and the first thing we asked each other was “what did you hear??” and we both said “Sound of a lady’s Anklets from inside the dome” The sound was loud and clear and though i’m an atheist i felt something.

We didn’t speak about it again and went to hotel the next day. We were working together without speaking but thinking about what had happened. There were other people who were working with us who were the locals there and then Praphull asked one of them ” why the central dome is chained??”. The person gave us a look and then said ” I don’t know people say that it is haunted by the queen’s spirit and no one goes there after dark”

Hearing that Praphull and I looked at each other in horror but again didn’t said anything. Next day at noon both of us again went to the central dome, entered it and found out that there were a couple of dead pigeons in it and nothing else, but well we knew what we heard that night was no chirping of the birds.

Don’t know if ghosts or spirits exist or not but that was some experience i wanted to share about my life….

As it was the way i saw it or probably Heard it :)

Do comment and share with me some experience of your own that left you wondering….


  1. sale halat kharab ho gayi thi us raat…..ha ha ha….

  2. i know bhai…
    U know everyone's telling me that i m framing this story up… ad i ve told them a hundred times that well it happened exactly like the way i wrote…

  3. Hehe… You told me about this already… It can't be true… Or is it…?? :P

  4. i m afraid it is true :o

  5. well what can i say …
    SHIT happens :)

  6. i dont know y everything shitty,crappy, horror, dramatic n even entertaining happens to u only….
    can imagine it in praphull's case as he must have done some "wrong deeds" to earn this but y u???? :P

  7. Piyush Anand says:

    “can imagine it in praphull’s case as he must have done some “wrong deeds” to earn this but y u???? ”

    Allegations if and when used Siddhi should be used after a lot of thot or at least they should be fair. U accuse Praphull in the above quoted sentence (which is definitely a diminished explanation of what a trouble maker he is). But what in the world are/were u thinking about Agarwal.

    I am afraid with a lot of load in/on my heart, I’ve got to say w/o any hesitation that Siddhi, EITHER u r Mistaken or U R TERRIBLY MISTAKEN. and i think its the latter

    Dont u know what a lunatic Agarwal is… I think every1 would vouch for it, what say BHOLU’s??? Even sid would vouch for it ya know!!!

    LOVE IS BLIND I GUESS!!! :) :) (No offence ppl)…..

  8. Sandeep Anand says:

    Praphull and wrong deeds.. could be there for sure.. ha ha

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