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Hello friends,

After a long sabbatical (which happens to be relocation, job, course, girl and what not) I have finally conjured up some strength to write again and i hope the trend continues on a positive note.

This blog is about a mad rush for money which involves greed, haste, drama and suspense with a edge of the seat climax that will make you shiver while you read… he he relax its just a stupid story of carelessness which lends a dear friend of mine in deep trouble and as usual i was also on the suffering side.

The story dates back to Dec 2004 when we were in our first year of college and mid semesters were going on with all exams finished and just a last examination of computers was left. Now before we move any further let me introduce my dearest friend Siddharth Basu (my partner in crime) and let me assure you that its not just the name we have in common.

A great friend and human being with a generous nature (so much so that he does not even think twice about giving his ATM card to a college senior).

That’s where the story begins, this ultra stupid friend of mine gave his card to a college senior and he also booked his flight tickets on the day of the computer examination which meant that he could either take the flight or the exam (of course he chose to board the flight and go home).

But before that he had to take his card back from his senior who has taken the card on the plea that his ATM got stolen and he needed someone’s ATM so that he can get the money transferred to that account and withdraw money (and i don’t know why poor Basu gave his card and not one of that senior’s roommate, but that’s our Basu).

So in the college he called up the senior for his card but he did not come to the college and said that he would return the card in the evening. To Basu’s horror the guy stopped receiving his calls in the evening, so we started calling everyone who might know about his whereabouts. After numerous calls we finally get to speak to that guy in the night and he informed us that he s met with an accident and is admitted in Manipal hospital( by that time we were on our way to his house). So we turned the auto towards Manipal hospital (other end of the city) and when we finally reached there we came to know that the guy was not admitted in the hospital and he was taking us for a ride.

It was 1 am in the night and we decided that there’s no way we can find the guy if he doesn’t want to be found at this time and i had to give my exam in the morning and Basu had to catch his flight at 6 or so in the morning. So we decided to head back home and report the card as missing and get it blocked and issue a new card. We reached Basu’s PG at around 2 (the auto gut earned a fortune) and he packed his luggage and then we walked 2 kms to my PG with his luggage and finally went to bed at around 3 am cursing that jerk senior all the way.

At around 6 i heard someone shout “MUMMY” so loud in the room that everyone from other rooms woke up and rushed to our room and then heard a loud BANG. Then we realised that it was Basu who woke up at 6 and realised that he has missed the flight that he shouted MUMMY and then he fell from the bed to the ground [hilarious scene which we still recall and can’t stop laughing, thanks Basu ;) ]

Then he rushed to the AIRPORT (kudos to his spirit) and created a scene there at the airport, almost in tears that he missed the flight and he had to go tend to his ailing grandma. And he was so good that the airlines actually put him on the very next flight to Delhi without charging an extra penny.

So he reached home safely, blocked his card and gave his computer exam in final and passed with first division without the mid semesters marks getting accounted for (he got a ‘0’ in Mid – Sems as he missed the exam).

All in all nothing went as planned and still everything fell into place eventually.

That’s the way WE saw it ;)


  1. ASSH*LE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. I always knew this about Mr. Basu… I wonder if he still has cordial terms with that senior :P ;)

  3. he he… truth is always bitter my friend…

  4. well rajat i know u would not believe but strangely.. he still was on cordial terms ;)
    thats our basu :P

  5. Well intital years, too dumb, too naive. Amazes me to see how much things have changed since that time, yet all the bholu’s are still as close :P thru thick and thin :P
    thanks for the post .
    P.S- Kalle kutte se #### marwale :D

  6. he he .. basu i know bholu’s will be bholu’s .. well thats another story…
    thanks for the gesture..
    wish u the very same :P

  7. hehehe…. i can imagine that when basu is involved… drama king :P
    keep up the good work basu.. u r an inspiration for all of us who are being robbed off their hard earned money by these airlines ;) i m planning to do the same now on my trip back home
    and siddharth looking forward to some more blogs at regular intervals :p dont keep us waiting this time …. welcome back :)

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