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Greetings My dearest friends,

My humble apologies for so much of delay in writing another blog, just got caught up with something.

Just to be sure and to inform you people that I’ve transferred my blog to and would continue writing on Fiestalife!

Today I m going to go down the memory lane once again and write about an incident that happened in first year of my college (just a small incident). Before that let me introduce you to one of the most colorful and confused character I’ve ever come across in my life. A genuine person by heart but so stubborn that even if 7 people are arguing with him simultaneously and are debating a topic on which all of them have same viewpoint and talk in unison than one can be sure that that person would certainly differ from the rest because he takes pride in being different although he know that he is wrong all the time and is arguing unnecessarily. Mr Varun K. Meena ( A.K.A KaMeena, my dearest friend).

We (me and my college friends) were living in a PG for the first 9 months of our college days and Meena (we used the last name instead of the first so don’t confuse Meena with a girl), I and Sandeep were sharing the same room. Life was at its chaotic best and everyday one or the other blunder kept on happening and we accepted it as a part and parcel of our lives.

Our daily routine was to sleep, eat and talk after the dinner till wee hours of the morning (sometimes we even used to go to the college) and believe me we never fell short of topics. One night just before 12 when all of us were sitting together in our room and having a conversation we suddenly noticed that Meena is missing from the scene which was very unusual (coz no one was arguing). So we began a search for him searched the senior’s room, in the friend’s room, the neighbor’s room and every possible place but we couldn’t find him.

Then suddenly, i just thought of something and climbed the stairs and went to the roof and there i saw a lone figure sitting at one corner of the roof staring at the emptiness of the highway below (how dramatic). I walked towards him and to my relief he was Meena, but he looked serious (most of the time he pretended so but that time he seriously looked so). I got worried watching him like that, i went up to him sat down besides him for sometime, put an arm over his shoulders and asked him “what happened?? u okay??” He gave me a blank stare and his looks said it all, he was depressed about something and feeling low. I got more worried and asked him again “what happened Varun?? u okay??” Then he looked at me and turned his face towards the road again and said “Leave it, u won’t understand..”

By this time i actually started to fear that he has actually done something terribly wrong and has gotten into some deep shit yet again and i was just about analyzing that how worse the situation would be when i told him ” don’t worry about anything, feel free to tell me anything…. what has happened??” Than he looked at me again and with great courage said those words which i still can’t believe he did “ I want to drink MILK” !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I just looked at him and i knew he has gotta be kidding, it was past 12 that time and there was no way he could have said that. I was like “What??” and he said ” i want to drink goodlife”(the name of the milk brand, full cream with tetra pack) ;) ….. I was about to laugh my lungs out when he just stood up and said to me ” do something .. think of something i have to drink milk” and after that i don’t know how he convinced me to actually go with him to purchase the milk for him.

I deducted that the only place where we would find milk would be the Inter State Bus stop which is open 24*7 and which was approx 9 – 10 km. away. We didn’t had any vehicles and no buses were running, not enough money for the auto so it by default that we both had to walk those 9 km. So we started out on that stupid journey and started walking. On our way we were talking to each other that what would happen if police caught us?? It was 1 in the night and if we said that we are going to drink milk than certainly the police will think that either we are thugs or dopers and in both the cases we would be screwed. We didn’t encounter any police jeep.

Then we thought what would happen if some thugs caught hold of us?? We thought that they would take our
cellphones (Nokia 3310) and the 100 Re note that i had with me and he would get so annoyed with so lame luck of his that he would actually slap both of us and give an extra 100 Re. to both of us to get an auto and go back home. But unfortunately we didn’t found any thugs as well (there goes the free auto ride) :(

After that we thought that what if we come across some hookers and as soon as we discussed hookers we both looked at each other and started laughing [thinking that we’d actually tell the h**kers that we are going to drink milk in the middle of the night and see how they react ;), well we would tell the truth anyhow]. But alas no h**kers were seen :(

The finally after almost 3 hours of walking we reached the Bus Stop and Meena drank his goodlife like a cub who’s not been fed for days. After that we both were very hungry so we went to Cumsum rest at the Railway Station (just down the road) and ate dosas.

After we were done with eating and drinking milk, we had 30 bucks left with us. I told Meena ” Lets go” He gave me a bewildered look and said “where???” (as if i had brought him to drink the milk). I said “where else, PG”. He started yawing and stretching and said “I can’t walk i m sleepy”. At this i just got so freaked out and gave him such a bad look that he said ” I can’t walk, we ll go and sleep in the bus which goes to our PG and in the morning when the bus will start we ll reach home and sleep”

I was so angry that i literally started shouting at him like crazy and i was like ” this is the last freaking time i m coming with you and don’t ever expect me to listen to you again”. At this he said that “i m very tired, think of something which does not involves much walking, i cant walk back 9 – 10 km. again”. I also thought that yeah it would be too tiring to walk back and already we were so dead tired.

Then i just remembered that from where we lived just 1 – 2 km away there was national highway by pass. So i just Meena that we can ask the Inter state bus drivers who are going to drive past that by pass to drop us there and that way we would only have to walk 1 – 2 km.. He liked the idea and we started going to all buses which were ready to leave and speaking to conductors and bus drivers. After a while one of the conductors said that his bus would go there and we were literally begging him to drop us there at the by pass. He asked for 60 bucks and we emptied our pockets and told him we only had 30, but the good soul agreed and gave us a lift.

We were literally sleeping the whole way and our bodies were aching badly and walking those 2 kms back to the PG were probably the most tiring distance i ever walked. But thankfully we reached our PG by 5:30 or so in the morning and just as we were about to crash on our beds Meena spoke again “Shall we go for a tea?”.

I looked at him with such disgust that all he did was to lie down on his bed and cover his face with the blanket so that i would not be able to see his face…

That was the first and the last time i walked the Milky Way and swore to never ever pay heed to what Meena had to say from then on. Because it was Life The way he made me see it and my leg still hurts :(


  1. Haha! Student life makes you do sooo many stupid things… You knew what was coming your way but STILL gave into the situation… lol!!!

  2. siddhartha b says:

    lol. we were a whole bunch of misfits, :P. fitted pretty well . not to mention , the other numerous errands, are u going to write the Bholu story and its rise as a cult too, not a bad idea mate ? :)

  3. sala ullu ka pattha mere ko bhi le gaya tha CSR khareedne ke liye…… RT Nagar tak….. baad me mere se hi paise maang raha tha…..

  4. i know saala dhai rupae chai ke nahi chode to doodh ke to mangega hi ;)

  5. Dear Mr basu
    U better dont use this language on social network,,,,,as it becomes very painful for u when i does the same….

  6. Piyush Anand says:

    Meena Ji, Basundi ne to koi derogatory baat to likkhi hi nahi. Uski shareef launde ki kyu maar rahe ho. Jo Sid waala comment hai wo Agarwal ka hai. Kya aap Meena Ji.

    @Basu/Agarwal – I suggest mention ur surnames somewhere while commenting or like Basu wrote above. Avoids confusions u know

  7. Piyush Anand says:

    And yes, there are a lot of “10 kadam” stories related to Meena Ji, under process to be unfolded… Kyon Meena Ji, wo “Dus Kadam ki doori”……. ;-)

  8. Sandeep Anand says:

    Hey hi folks.. interesting read.. i always wondered there was something special about Meena… ha ha.. well we had our arguments too hahn… right.. don’t remember much stuff though.. doesn’t mean you have license to make things up..

    too good man .. keep it up..

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