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Greetings people,

As amusing as it may seem after using orkut and facebook for as long as they have been inroduced in india and to have a profile on almost every social networking site (tried my hand at dating ones as well without any success ), i m finally a blogger and have a record of never reading one before.

So i don’t know what to write and share, but i guess will just give a ┬ápiece of my mind(the way i see them) because i have named the blog after that.

I don’t intend to get any fans and followers(that’s why i guess i don’t like twitter), just people who’d like to read my point of view and would love to get your reactions for the same. It can be anything that you might want to comment on or just wanna discuss something, anything, weird or sensible, whatever comes to your mind.

So lets hope that we keep it going and i also get to know the life, The way U see it :)



  1. thou shall begin a never ending journey,

  2. by the way… which way u see it?????

  3. siddharth .. well buddy indeed !!!

  4. and praphull… u ll come to know in the days to come.. just keep following ;)

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