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  • Money On The Run…

    Money On The Run…

    Hello friends, After a long sabbatical (which happens to be relocation, job, course, girl and what not) I have finally conjured up some strength to write again and i hope the trend continues on a positive note. This blog is about a mad rush for money which involves greed, haste, […]

  • Varun’s Milky Way………….

    Varun’s Milky Way………….

    Greetings My dearest friends, My humble apologies for so much of delay in writing another blog, just got caught up with something. Just to be sure and to inform you people that I’ve transferred my blog to http://www.fiestalife.com/sid/ and would continue writing on Fiestalife! Today I m going to go down […]

  • Queen of the damned

    Queen of the damned

    Greetings Friends, I thought of publishing this blog next week, but well couldn’t wait till then… In today’s blog i m going to revisit the past and tell you guys an incident that happened with me and one of my very best friends Praphull.Statutory warning : All the events described in […]

  • Small town love triangle : Boy, girl and the whole of town ;)

    Small town love triangle : Boy, girl and the whole of town ;)

    Greetings friends, Today’s blog is specifically dedicated to small town chaps like me who not only have to think about having a love affair but also about the rest of the town where everybody knows everybody and it becomes virtually impossible to date the girl  without getting sighted by somebody […]

  • sun sign-ing :)

    sun sign-ing :)

    Greetings earthlings, Well i was just spending my loads of free time at a cafe with friends when i overheard a girl asking a boy “hey what’s your sun sign??” So i thought why not to write my not so appreciated point of view as well….   Wherever we see […]


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January 19, 2011 at 5:42 pm 4 comments

Greetings people, As amusing as it may seem after using orkut and facebook for as long as they have been inroduced in india and to have a profile on almost every social networking site (tried my hand at dating ones as well without any success ), i m finally a […]

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