Shakya Dynasty – Story of Kingdom of Buddha – 650 BC – 500 BC

Shakya Dynasty was an Ancient Indian Dynasty that was established around 650 BC. Shakya Dynasty used to rule throughout eastern Indian regions, Rapti River Basin and extended till the Southern Himalyan ranges of Shivalik.


Sinhana was founder of Shakya Dynsty. Sinhana’s rule was mainly concentrated in present day Northern Bihar province of India. Sinahana ruled for almost 50 years till 600 BC. He established trade links and peaceful ties with the neighboring kingdoms and Mahajanapadas like Anga, Kashi and Magadha. His elder son was Suddhodana who was crowned in the year 600 BC.

Suddhodana and Queen Maya

Suddhodana was father of Siddhartha Gautama (Gautama Buddha). Suddhodana was married to Queen Maya, who, also, was a distant cousin of the king. Maya was appointed as the chief advisor of the king. She used to handle daily administrative affairs of the Shakya People.

Siddharth Gautama

Born as Prince Siddhartha, he was the most prominent Shakya. He was always forced to live in palace so that he remains unaware of the real world. Although, all such attempts failed and he, on seeing  an old man, a diseased man and a corpse left his royal life and went to search of true knowledge. He was called Buddha (the Enlightened One) and Shakyamuni.

Shakyamuni Gautama Buddha, the most prominent Shakya

Yashodhara (Wife of Buddha)

Yashodhara was the wife of Buddha. Buddha and Yashodhara had a son named Rahula. Yashodhara after realizing that her husband is becoming a monk removed all her jewels and followed the path of salvation. But Rahula was very young at that time so she decided to not follow her husband. Later when Rahula chose the path of Buddha she also became the Chief Nun and became an Arahant.

Prince Siddhartha and wife Yashodhara of Shakya Dynasty

Prince Siddhartha and wife Yashodhara of Shakya Dynasty

Rahula (Son of Buddha)

Rahula was son of Buddha. He was raised by his mother Yashodhara and grandfather Suddhodana. It is said that once Buddha came to Kapilvastu to spread his message of truth. Rahula came to him and asked for his “inheritance” Buddha  agreed to give his son ordination. Later Buddha also preached Rahula the importance of speaking truth. At the end of his life Rahula also became an Arahant.


Suprahudda was the last ruler of of Shakya Dynasty. He was brother of Queen Maya, father of Queen Yashodhara and Uncle of Buddha he ruled till around 500 BC. He was defeated by Vidudabha.

Vidudabha and war between Kosala and Shakya, ultimate end of Shakya

Kosala, to establish good relation with Shakya, agreed to marry their prince with a Shakyan Princess.  The Shakya in place of a princess sent a slave girl. The son of the slave girl and Kosala prince was Vidudabha. After knowing the reality of her maternal family and the way Shakya cheated Kosala he took a revenge and declared war on Shakya and destroyed them.


  1. Yashodhara is not buddha’s wife. She is prince Siddhartha’s wife.

  2. budha is after the name of sidharth and his budha

  3. Gouthama buddha’s first name was siddartha
    After his enlightenment he became buddha


  5. surendra raj shakya says:

    sinhana was not a founder of shakya dynaty. according to ambathaka story buddha himself told thier ancestor was okkaka in pali. okkaka had four sons and five daughters who was founder of kapilvastu now in Nepal.

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  7. Who is the king of kapila vastu after king suddhodana….. obviously not siddarth?

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