SAAT KHOON MAAF – A Management Case Study…

These are my observations after I went through the movie, read through and suggest me if that’s ok…

Husband 1: A harsh boss (By Neil Nitin Mukesh)

It’s not always easy to work with a harsh boss. In case the boss is too harsh there are very few options left with someone. He can either quit the job or teach the boss a lesson. In SAAT KHOON MAAF Suzanna takes care and settles the matter with her husband…

Husband 2: An unrewarding/careless/ignorant Boss (By John Ebrahim)

Many times it happens that even after working very hard the reward is just not there because the boss is really busy in his own world and has no time to evaluate the performance of his employees. This can be a really painful situation, as in the movie.

A Management Case Study…

Husband 3: Sweet n Sour Boss (By Irrfan Khan)

If you’re unlucky enough, you can be face-to-face with this another kind of a boss who seems to be very rewarding at the surface but when you get deeper into the organization to find out that it’s just the opposite… it’s another difficult situation as you find yourself cheated. This kind of a boss can be very polite while talking to you but when it comes to promotions, he is very stringent.

Husband 4: A Boss, a Cheat! (By The Russian)

In the due course as you keep changing your organization just because you don’t find the right boss, you find another one of similar kind of a cheat. This kind of a person keeps assuring you that he has a position in the organization for you, keeps giving you small assignment, but when it comes to hiring you, you hire someone else! What to do when you find such a person! Fix HIM!

Husband 5: An Exploiting Boss (By Anu Kapoor)

This was the time of recession, when most of the organizations started exploiting their employees. Since there was lack of jobs, many of the bosses came into this category. They started exploiting their employees and the employees were rather helpless as there weren’t too many jobs to switch… 🙁

Husband 6: A Bankrupt Organization’s Boss (By Nasiruddin Shah)

They say “Be extra careful while choosing your organization as it makes you who you are!” This simply means that if you choose an organization which is on the verge of bankruptcy then you might just as well end up the same way!

Husband 7: In any case… God’s there if you fail 😉

(By Jesus Himself!)

in case you’re really you were unlucky and you didn’t find a good boss all your life, it’s always good to start your own business and let HIM be your ALMIGHTY boss!

That’s just what I derived out of SAAT KHOON MAAF, it might have got some mixed reviews but it really helped me to understand how I’ll go about while choosing my boss… Hope it helps you too…


  1. Siddharth Agrawal says:

    Awesome observation ..

  2. hmmmm… after reading this i can only say that world is full of lunatics…i will consider myself really lucky if i find the RIGHT BOSS 😛
    besides i can see that u r making really good use of ur management degree by doing such case studies 😉 😛
    keep up the good work 🙂

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