Rediscovering Ourselves…

As a child we are always made to believe in thelife after death’, the purpose of all our activities is a better life after death, call it fear or anything. We do whatever our masters have dictated to us and ruin our present just because we believe or are made to believe that if our master is happy with our deeds he’ll bless us with heaven full of fruits & virgin angels…

The point that I wanted to raise is that we must not stop our entertainment & recreation just because of religious prohibition, our freedoms must not be concentrated within the boundaries of religion, and we must be free humans. Man created religion! We must know that our religion developed thousands of years ago and may not be compatible with present scenario.

Is Life After Death a Crude Lie?

Is it not a big contradiction that religions throughout the world talk of peace and spread by war? Some even justify war by saying that war is must for peace I doubt this as “an eye for an eye will leave the whole world blind”. Religious leaders are just hypocrite who talk of salvations and have clear desire of getting popular support and political power.

On my concluding note I can suggest that one viewpoint is of life (Humanity) and another viewpoint is of death (Religion). The only thing which the ideologies of death did was that those who didn’t agree to it were labeled as enemy or conspirators, others who tried to modify and confront this ideology were simply killed. Religions always visualized what could happen after death, they created false fears in our minds, so we must scrap out these futile ideologies and better enjoy our freedom and liberty of life!

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  1. Obviously there’s no point in living for the next life…
    Life is to live NOW!

    Live it now or quit… but don’t waste it for future…

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