Radhabai Peshwa – Mother of Peshwa Bajirao I – Wife of Balaji Vishwanath – Queen of Maratha Empire – 1684 – 1752

Radhabai was born on 15th October, 1684. She was the mother of great Peshwa Bajirao I. Radhabai was the queen of great Maratha Emipre of Medieval India.

Radhabai Peshwa – Role as a Wife of Balaji Vishwanath

Radhabai was the wife of Balaji Vishwanath. After Balaji Vishwanath victorious march from Delhi to Satara in 1719, his health began to deteriorate and Balaji Vishwanath died soon after the marriage of his son Peshwa Bajirao I and Kashibai. On April 12, 1720 Balaji Vishwanath died after a long success. Soon after Balaji Vishwanath death, Radhabai had to take care of their children on her own.

Radhabai Peshwa – Mother of Peshwa Bajirao I – 1684 – 1752

Radhabai Peshwa – Role as a Mother

Balaji Vishwanath and Radhabai had four children. They had two sons and two daughters. Children of Radhabai were Bajirao I, Chimaji Appa, Bhiubai Joshi and Anubai Ghorpade. Bajirao Ballal Balaji Bhat widely known as Peshwa Bajirao I was the eldest son of Balaji Vishwanath and Radhabai. He served as the Prime Minister (Peshwa) to the fourth Chhatrapathi (Emperor) to Chhatrapathi Shahu. Chimaji Appa (1707–1741) was the son of Balaji Vishwanath and the youngest son of Balaji Vishwanath and Radhabai and the youngest brother of Bajirao Peshwa of Maratha Empire. He was an able military commander. Chimaji Appa’s glorious victory in his career was the capture of Vasai fort from the Portuguese in a hard fought battle. Bhiubai was married Abaji Joshi of Baramati, brother of the banker Balaji Naik. Anubai was married Venkatrao Ghorpade of Ichalkaranji. Their heirs ruled the state of Ichalkaranji till Indian Independence.

Radhabai was very knowledgeable and aware of the political situations her son dealt with in the Maratha Empire. Bajirao took her advice about various financial decisions and Radhabai also handled various governmental duties on her own.

Radhabai Peshwa – Role as a Mother-in-law

Her daughters, Bhiubai and Anubai, both made advantageous marriage with the kingdom. Bajirao’s first wife was Kashibai. Chimaji Appa and Radhabai were strongly against Bajirao’s second marriage to Mastani, because Mastani is a Muslim Women. Radhabai outlived her eldest son by 12 years. Bajirao’s mother Radhabai convinced his brother Chimaji Appa and tried to send Mastani into exile. Bajirao’s son Balaji Bajirao (Nanasaheb) also had Mastani under house arrest. Radhabai was too harsh against Mastani, as most women. Grandchildren of Balaji Vishwanath and Radhabai were Balaji Bajirao (Nanasaheb), Raghunathrao, Sadashivrao Bhau, and Shamsher Bahadur.

Radhabai Peshwa – Role as Grand Mother and Last Journey

Gopikabai was from an orthodox family noticed by Radhabai, the Wife of Peshwa Balaji Vishwanath during her visit to the Raste (Gokhale) family. Radhabai was impressed by Gopikabai’s religious fasting and rituals followed in Brahmin family. So Radhabai selected her to marry Balaji Bajirao (Nanasaheb Peshwa), the eldest son of Peshwa Bajirao I. Radhabai died on 17th April, 1752.


  1. Kirti Kataruka says:

    Does balaji vishwanath had cheated radhabai ?? Does balaji vishwanath had affair with other lady??

    • That’s exactly what I’m looking forward to finding out in the show currently airing on Sony TV!! Let’s hope we do!!

      • According to latest Wikipedia Balaji married a Muslim lady Ayesha khan begum and had 2 sons,this explains why radhabai hated Mastani because she knows the pain Kashi goes through.

  2. Initially Radhabai was very kind. But later she became very strict. What’s the reason ? Did Balaji Vishwanath Bhatt Cheated her ?

  3. Vaibhav Mishra says:

    Yes I’m also what to know about his 2nd wife and in which circumstances he married to another women when he was happily married to Radhabai…

  4. peshwa heir says:

    Pl dont go by the serial Peshwa Baji Rao. No basis from history may be. its all for TRP.
    The couple had a 22 yr age gap. Kashibai was mild tempered and had a very bad health, debilitating rhematoid arthritis. Mastani was not raised a Muslim. No evidence of any royal linage. At best can be a companion for Bajirao. Not much of relevance. Infact, Bajirao could have died of Alcohol withdrawal symptom.There seems to be even a case of gastro-intestinal issue because of his habit of chewing dried red chillis. Lot of first hand info on Peshwas in Marathi.

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