Questioning the Faith…

When I was a child I once asked my teacher “how is it possible when lord Rama threw stones in the sea they started floating?” He replied “because name of lord Rama was inscribed on them”, then the next question which I asked my teacher was that “Was Archimedes principle not working in those day?” and he was bewildered with my argument and told me you must never question someone’s faith.. I still ask the question “Why can’t I?

The thing about religion is that it compels you not to believe what is true…

Right from our childhood we are made to realize the fact that ‘my religion is the most superior one and the other person who is not following it is on the wrong path’ as if we are the purest race on the planet and others are just unintelligent activist, this lead to the mania and we become intolerant toward other people and judge a person not by his character but by his creed.

A BIG Question…

The most astounding fixation about god is that many people are persuaded by the thought that he exists and not only exists but is persistently observing us, our performance and offense… I have high sympathy for those who advise me that I should believe in god or else I have to face ‘fires of hell’, the fact that subsist is that “if” that day exist than I’ll be proud to say to the adjudicator that I was a serene civilized atheist who never killed or hurt anyone for the sake of my personal faith…

The question still remain why people become theist and the most prominent answer could be that many people are going through a period of lack of self-confidence or they have a sort  of emptiness in their life which make them influenced that a hypothetical entity exist which will certainly try to wrap up those vacant parts of their life as an example  in my nation women which are not commonly found in public places streets or even markets are found in abundant amount in temples the reason could be that they are more insecure than men and prone to misbehavior of the patriarchal society in which we live.

In recent epoch terrorism across the globe is associated with diverse religion and even its nomenclature is done according to religion.  After conversation with people of different faith I find that those people have direct or indirect sympathy towards terrorist of their religion and some even justify their acts in the name of holy wars or just ignore their act by saying that it’s just the propaganda of another religion to bring their community under bad shade. It certainly proves my point that religion attack on the basic conscience of human mind.

It’s true that terrorist have no religion but the fact will prevail that the most inspiring source for every terrorist is his religious scripts, don’t believe me then ask any terrorist! the fact will remain till the knowledge of universe is limited people will follow their faith, when 99% people were wrong just one person Copernicus challenged the faith and orthodox notion and it’s a saying it’s better to light a candle than to curse the dark hopefully everyone should become more rational and logical and try to question this will surely help in discovering yourself as a human being.

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  1. It’s IMPORTANT to Question the FAITH…

  2. ppl should learn to distinguish between right and wrong….it’s not about religion,caste,or beliefs..its about humanity…anything that’s wrong should be questioned

    • i believe in humanity.. n i respect all the people who believe in concept of humanity, i only hate those people who misinterpret their holy texts n make people of different faith fight with each other for their own benefit .

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