Queen Nandini – Queen Niadrus – Chandravansham Nandini – First wife of Chandragupta Maurya – Daughter of Dhanananda – Princess of Chandravanshi Clan and Nanda Dynasty – 337 BC – 265 BC

Queen Chandra Nandini or ‘Niadrus’ is considered as the princess of Chandravanshi Clan Nanda Dynasty and daughter of Nanda Dynasty. Queen Nandini was one of the three daughters of Dhanananda, the ruler of the Great Nanda Dynasty which ruled Northern India around 322 BC.

According to reference in Jain Literatures Queen Nandini was married to Chandragupta Maurya as a war compensation and Dhanananda was sent to exile in the forest, became a Jain Monk.

According to Megasthenes reference from Indika (greek: Indica) Niadrus was an exceptionally warrior and a great leader. Niadrus was the eldest of all descendants of Dhanananda. Niadrus was also the advisor of militia and an able army commander. Niadrus had a fleet of 2000 Elephants and 4000 Chariots.

Queen Nandini Maurya- Niadrus- First Wife of Chandragupta Maurya

Queen Nandini Maurya – Niadrus- First Wife of Chandragupta Maurya

Queen Nandini – Queen Niadrus – or Chandravansham Nandini – Treaty of Marriage with Chandragupta Maurya

Around 323 BC, Chandragupta Maurya was looking for support to fight against Alexander. Chandragupta got support from Parvateshwar (Porus), ruler of Punjab. But, ruler Dhanananda did not support Chandragupta and ridiculed him. This got Chandragupta Maurya to prepare and overthrow the Nanda Dynasty. Chandragupta had a great clash with Nandini. The 4-day war ended with a treaty as Nandini agreed to marry Chandragupta Maurya in a pardon for Dhanananda’s Life, who was under 2-month old captivity of Mauryans.

Queen Nandini – Queen Niadrus – or Chandravansham Nandini – Jealousy with Greek Wife of Chandragupta Maurya – Durdhara

Around 322 BC, after the death of Alexander the Great, Greeks had started retreating from Asia leaving behind a bunch of Indo-Greek Kingdoms, one of kingdoms being ruled by Seleucus I Nicator, a Macedonian satrap of Alexander. Seleucus I Nicator involved himself in a peace treaty with Maurya Dynasty and married his daughter Helena (or Diodora or Durdhara) with Chandragupta Maurya. Chandragupta Maurya favoured his Greek wife over his first wife Nandini. Nandini who was already let down by Chandragupta Maurya overthrowing her father Dhanananda from the thrown was now furious.

Queen Nandini – Conversion to Jainism and Later Life

It is depicted that Niadrus (or Nandini) poisoned Durdhara which caused her death. Nandini was prisoned by Chandragupta Maurya and was later pardoned in her older age. Nandini also converted to a Jain Aryika in later life.


  1. Nice but the story is still confusing

    • Nagamaniputra JAYADEV says:

      I know why you are confuesd my Friend .. that Ekata kapoor .. produced CHANDRA NANDINI serial is only for TRP ratings … She made entire story as wrong one … in the serial .. nandini was shown as MAHAPADMA NANDA’s DAUGHTEr but actually .. a woman named NANDINI is the DAUGHTER OF DHANANANDA ….

      • Its very complicated seriously whole story was full in worng direction huh …atleast tell the truth
        Btw thanks for sharing this i like this serial n i am very confused about the double role of nandi

      • Too confusing.
        Durdhara is daughter of whom nand or cousin.
        In wiki there is different, In ours is 2 different.
        And who the hell is nandini.

  2. Durdhara was not Helena and Helena was Chandragupta Maurya’s first wife, Durdhara his second wife and Nandini his third wife . The poison was meant for Chandragupta which Durdhara had accidentally after giving birth to Bindusara and died.

  3. Un chandra nandini serial showing all duplicate and lie story ….ekata kapur produced this story wrong.but chandra hav two wives but in this serial showing 3 wives

  4. Serial chandranandini is insulting history showing wrong things and creating confusion. Chandragupta had two wives and There was nothing like nandini and love story.

  5. I wish i get the real and exact story…

    • Chandragupta Maurya married Helena first to overthrow the Greek. Durdhara was the daughter of Dhananand( whom Chandra defeated). The Nanda Clan was started by Mahapadmananda who was indeed a barber and killed the then king and became the ruler. Dhananand was one of his sons. Now, Durdhara was also called Nandini- meaning the daughter of Nanda or the princess of Nanda dynasty. After defeating Dhanananda, Chandra married Nandini. Chandragupta was given food with administered, small dosages of poison every day to make him immune as ordered by Chanakya. Nandini being unaware of this, ate from his plate and died immediately. Chanakya though reached in time and cut open her womb to save the unborn baby from being poisoned too.

      • Meenakshi says:

        It is the real story

      • Where I can find the Real story to read…..?

        Is this a Real story or just fiction….?

      • Why would chanakya order to serve poisoned food for chandra gupta mourya.with chanakya help only chandra become the the emperor. Can you please explain in detail

        • Chandra Gupta was administered poison by Chanakya on daily basis in fixed portion in order to make his body immune to a poison attack if made. Chanakya himself was immune to most poisons know then.

  6. reena thorecha says:

    My mother is liking the ekta serial chandra nandini. Even i searched wikipidea but ended up confused. I do want to know that whether nandini existed or not.

    • yes nandini existed .

    • Mourya history is revived from text written several years after these kings existence. No story is in full. All were written in writer’s perspective. So anybody can fill up the vacant portions, and make another story. Ekta kapoor is not the first one.
      But I also like the serial for sweta basu and rajat tokas. This series take me to ancient ages. Whtever b the story.
      One thing i think is true, that nandini cannot be mahapadmanand’ daughter. If she existed, she must been dhananada’ daughter, not sister. During chandragupt’ time, mahapadnand didnt existed, as he was the first king of nanda dynasty.

  7. Interesting story but even if this is all true, it is hard to believe that all the plotting was going on against abandoning and no one or at least Chandra was not aware of this.
    I thought Jhansi ki Rani was a better story,….. at least it encouraged women how to be strong in difficult times and what women can do with her own will power…
    It was very worthwhile whilst this story doesn’t seem to be any useful for the Benicia of humanity… instead confusing so far….

  8. Is nandini really chandragupt maurya’s wife?

  9. I don’t like when people spoil the reality just for TRP and showing wrong stories about legends bcoz people who don’t know the reality of these legends they believe in that what TV serials are showing. I personally like the serial Chandra-Nandini but not as to believe it.

    The other issue about the duplicate nandini is really getting tasteless now as such a smart king is just confused but not curious about his Queen’s weird behaviour to follow her and find out the reasons no handwriting matches of latters which is accepted as nandini wrote to XYZ no trace of her nails mystery etc.

  10. Krishna Pandit says:

    It is not real story but I like this serial . Ekta kapoor made this serial very beautifuly . It make me emotional . So ,I become a big fan of this serial .

  11. Krishna Pandit says:

    It is love story of Chandragupta and Nandini . So ,I like it very much. Nandini is my favorite actress. I watch this show everyday. Because I like it more than other serials .

  12. Too much of enemies for poor nandini especially Rupa character is disgusting.

  13. If my son failed in history exam.due to wrong interpretation, I will sue Ekta Kapoor in appropriate court. The time has come to prevent such things only to earn TRP.

    • Meenakshi says:

      You have two options: either don’t see this serial specially for your children or tell them just watch as a normal balaji production as a love story don’t relate it to any historical story and just enjoy the drama 🙂

  14. Ekta maiya mocking on history by making this stupid show ‘which copy from other shows typical saas bahu drama ‘if she wants to make fiction show than spare a great warrior cgm & his wise guru charankya names in this flop show

  15. This y people beats them these people are making fun of history……they can even sell their children to earn money ..bloody dogs

  16. Is there realy nandini exist,if exist than why we have not get in HiSTory…..is there 2win exist….like nandinior so called Rupa

  17. Is there realy nandini exist,if exist than why we have not get in HiSTory…..is there 2win exist….like nandinior so called Rupa.PlZzz ans me

  18. It’s very confusing in the serial it shows that Nandni is the daughter of padmananda and in internet it is showing that nandni is daughter of dhananda but it’s lie

  19. mahalingaraj says:

    Oh…..its confusing me😴😴

  20. Queen Nandini was not first wife of Emperor Chandragupta Maurya. She was the third wife. And she’s father was Emperor Mahapadma Nanda, not Emperor Dhana Nanda. Dhana Nandra was Queen Nandini’s brother.

  21. rohit mittal says:

    I read history of chandragupt morye on Wikipedia but Wikipedia show two wife of Chandraguta first one hellna daughter of sellucus and second one is durdhra his childhood friend . There will no concept about nandni

    • Swapnil Sawant says:

      Like from childhood we didnt knew about Lord Ram’s Sister Shanta….we bound to have different version of stories.

      How was Akbar potrayed in Rana Pratap’s serial…

      Real facts are still hidden…..

    • If u hv read wiki, then u know already, tht the real story was also confusing and not real. Jain, Greeks, Buddhist had said different things. So now ekta aunty made another one!
      I learned in school that, bindusara was helena’s son. Now, when i saw wiki to find real story, i am more confused. There is no real text. So u can make yours too, this is the fact. The people were too ancient to find any full proven text, this is wt i learnt now.

  22. I do want to know this will nandini die..?

  23. I do want to know in this serial, will nandini die..?

  24. I especially want to know how nandini dies..

  25. I want to no love story of nandini . Is durdhara (nandini)?????

  26. Swapnil Sawant says:

    After Durdhara may be Bindusar is bought up by Nandini….which they had shown…closeness between Durdhara and Nandini

  27. Suganya Ramamoorthy says:

    Lot of confusion and lot of question so pls any one share really story of Chandragupt

  28. 1st wife is durdhara
    2nd wife is helena
    3rd wife is nandini

  29. if 1st wife durdhara and send helena .. so who is nandini ???????? and by the way chandragupt maurya have a 2 wifes only….

  30. Dr Hasibuddin says:

    It is advised to telecast real history. Please do not befool the public.

  31. Vydharbhi R Kaddi says:

    I Don really know if the story ekta is showing is true or not…. But I believe nobody can just like that create a story on historical facts n make a serial on imagination…. It’s actually a documentary…. So I Don think ekta is doing it for fun….

    N if we read the facts on Google…. It says Chandra has only one son…. But in the Asoka serial that was aired on colors sometime back said helana n Chandra also had a child named Justin n he was the eldest….but was not given the throne n thts y helana had probs with bindusara…..

    Even this cannot be shown his like that for fun… Or for TRP… I personally feel tht ekta is not that dumb who will manipulate history…..

  32. Actually Nandini didn’t exist and this is what wikipedia shows

  33. who was nandani

  34. This z better to go through the buks instead of asking such questions again n again. . Nobody can tell what exact was happend in the past.😑
    Whenever a historical show starts. . There is always a msg they write as a brief intro that “its only for entertainment, no responsibility whether true or not”

  35. princez jyoti singh says:

    Kya nandini chandragupt se panished hone ke baad chandra se mili thi ya fir real me humesa ke liye alag ho gye the dono ……kya kabhi ye raaz khula tha ki helna ne durdhara ko vish diya tha …..very confusion its out of my mind

  36. kya helna or uski maa ka raj kulega or nandni ka putra koun tha histroy. mai to iska kpi pramam nahi hai kya ye serial track se ht. kr chal raha hai confusin hai

  37. Let us ask Ekta from were she has found the facts. There might be some research available on this which is not available on google and still in books and legends. As in Ramayan that was shown recently they were displaying from were facts has been taken. In similar way Ekta can provide us the fact if it exist somewere in research, legends.

  38. Whole story here is not 100% true. Chandragupta had 3 wives.. Durdhara was an Indian princess where Helena was the daughter of Seleucus. Nandini was his 3rd wife who was the most lovable to Chandragupta Maurya. I read many histories about Chandragupta as well as about Maurya Kingdom and believe that the serial Chandra-nandini is 90% true..

  39. U read from the buks or from online available informations??
    Coz i also read many articles. Each article contains a new matter..

  40. Sakshi dogra says:

    Confused story…

  41. Thats very sad story and any one know how nandini die

  42. Ekta Kapoor created Nandini to make the show popular
    But there was no nandini inn the history. It was all fake which was shown in Chandra Nandini. Actually Chandragupta Maurya had only two wives. One is Helena and other is Durdhara. Bindusara was the son of Durdhara. Helena is childless.

  43. There are so many stories, books, TV shows and different opinions but after so many readings, I came to this conclusion that this one is the right story.
    There are no records of Nandini, it’s a fictional character only. Chandra Gupta’s first wife and mother of Bindusar was Durdhara (Chandra’s cousin sister/mama’s daughter). She was very dearly to him that was the reason he didn’t got married after her death while birth of Bindusar. At the at of 40s he saw Helena and it was love at first glance. Helena was not so cruel as shown in TV shows. She learnt and adopted the Indian culture.

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