Queen Elizabeth II – Elizabeth Alexandra Mary – Queen of Great Britain – Wife of Prince Philip – Elder Sister of Princess Margaret – Daughter of King George VI – 21st April, 1926

Queen Elizabeth II – Introduction

Elizabeth Alexandra Mary or Queen Elizabeth II was born in London England on April 21st, 1926, from father Prince Albert and within bloodline of King George V and Queen Mary. She spent her early childhood at the Royal family house found at Windsor Great Park. Her childhood was with abundance of luxury and privileges.

Queen Elizabeth in her teens

As per the Royal tradition, her primary school was home itself and Queen Elizabeth II got early education from home tutors. They taught her and her sister Margaret Rose a combination of subjects, which included Mathematics, French and a couple of lessons in Arts and Music. Queen Elizabeth II has a royal brought-up and was raised as a Monarch child.

Queen Elizabeth II as the Princess

Elizabeth II was only 14 years old when she and her family moved to Windsor Castle. She was nicknamed Lilibet and was popular princess in London with her motivational speeches she gave at times of war. The Princess was calm and elegant with her personality. Always had a sense of affection for families who lost their homes in WWII. Being a young princess, Queen Elizabeth II was enthusiastic to build the society that needed care and noble treatment.

Queen Elizabeth II during World War II

In 1945 when war extended longer, Princess Elizabeth II took part in the volunteer work. Elizabeth took training being a driver and mechanic. With this casual move, she practically and symbolically stood by with the British women at times of suffering.

Queen Elizabeth II – Marriage and Becoming the Queen

Philip Mountbatten, the son of Prince Andrew of Greece was the love of Elizabeth II. Philip being a good cousin and companion made Elizabeth II to fall in love with him soon. The year 1947 turned Queen’s family affair into marriage. Queen Elizabeth got married to Prince Philip Mountbatten on November 20, 1947. Prince Charles was born on November 14, 1948 and daughter Anne two years later in 1950.

Queen Elizabeth II Wedding with Prince Philip Mountbatten 20 November, 1947

After King George VI death, Elizabeth II got nominated as the Queen. Officially on June 2, 1953, Elizabeth II became second Queen of the Monarch. The power was shifted towards the newly embarked Queen. She was to reestablish the worldview about the Monarch and the British rule.

Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip with Prince Charles and Princess Anne

Queen Elizabeth II – Transformation of Monarchy

Queen Elizabeth II held the royal office with courage and strong character. She traveled the world, got into new experiences, and came out as a true ruler of transforming empire. Queen Elizabeth II became part of a Constitutional Monarchy, where exchange of ideas and discussion was something that mattered. Since 1953 the Queen has shared the reign with twelve different Prime Ministers.

Elizabeth Alexandra Mary or Queen Elizabeth II on her 90th Birthday

Each of them had a changing perspective of how the Queen should rule as the Monarch. Queen Elizabeth II today keeps a people’s view in every aspect of life. Her decisions are based on ideas of liberation and democracy. There is a concept of moderation in how the Queen Elizabeth II approaches to political and social affairs. Queen Elizabeth II is indeed one of the Greatest Monarch of the Great Britain.

Queen Elizabeth II – Elizabeth Alexandra Mary played by Claire Foy in The Crown, Netfilx TV Series

Claire Foy plays as Queen Elizabeth II in the Netflix TV Series ‘The Crown’

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