Purugupta of Gupta Dynasty – Step Brother and Successor of Skandgupta – 467 AD – 473 AD

Purugupta 467 AD – 473 AD was the successor of Skandagupta, who was the son of Gupta King Kumaragupta I, and queen Anantadevi. Scripts tell us that Purugupta shared a father with his step-brother Skandagupta, they both had different mothers to each other. For a small period of time, both Purugupta, and Skandagupta, ruled the Gupta empire, until Skandagupta died. The Gupta dynasty remained strong under Purugupta, and Skandagupta, even though their familial ties were testy and conflicting – they didn’t always see eye to eye, with jealousy playing a big role in their ruler-ship, they also did not have an easy time with it with their mothers (neither of their mothers got on with one another).

Purugupta Sculpture - 467 AD - 473 AD

Purugupta Sculpture – 467 AD – 473 AD

Purugupta – Decline of The Great Gupta Dynasty and Family Troubles

There family ties seemed to be more of a challenge to them, than their time as governing the Gupta dynasty. This can be suggested because this is only one of the few things during Purugupta’s reign that is recorded in history, his family troubles. The only other thing which is recorded from his time as ruling the Gupta family is from coins. We know some things about Purugupta through coins found by archaeologists, and historians. The coins are in the form of Bhitari silver copper steal. These coins tell us that Purugupta’s was an important part of Skandagupta’s rule. We know from the coins what era Purugupta ruled, and that was from 467CE to 473CE, which means that he had one very short rule, and had one of the shortest reigns by a Gupta king. Scholars also think that Purugupta was very old at the time he came to power, and hence the short rule that he had. Some scholars even suggest that Purugupta’s rule was much shorter than 6 years, and that he only ruled for one year. However, most scholars disagree with this, and think that he ruled for six years.

Coin of Purugupta 467 AD - 473 AD

Coin of Purugupta 467 AD – 473 AD

Purugupta – Disintigration and Decline of Gupta Dynasty

There are some hints from scripts from the time which tell us that there were still rebellions within the Gupta empire. They only say that places in the Gupta Empire, in Northern India, were attacked by the Huna, a region that had already been on the uprising. The attacks by the Huns were not assigned to one area, but, throughout Northern India, suggesting that the rebellion was strong, and had widespread support. It also shows the first serious documentation of the Gupta empires downfall.

Purugupta - Gupta Dynasty Map around 470 AD

Purugupta – Gupta Dynasty Map around 470 AD

Purugupta – Religion

There is evidence that Purugupta may have been a Buddhist, as, we know of his predecessor from a transcript by Purugupta, which was a Buddhist transcript.

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