Princess Margaret Rose – The Second Daughter of the Queen Elizabeth I – Younger Sister of Queen Elizabeth II – The Countess of Snowdown – Played by Vanessa Kirby – August 21, 1930 CE – February 9, 2002 CE

Princess Margaret Rose – Childhood and Early Life

Princess Margaret Rose was born in the Royal house of Prince Albert (King George VI) and Queen Elizabeth Bowes-Lyon on August 21, 1930. She was named Princess Margaret Rose but everyone knew her as Margaret. The early life she spent in the Glannis Castle of Scotland and later as the Royal family moved to London, she got her childhood experiences in the Royal Lodge of Windsor.

Princess Elizabeth II with Princess Margaret – Childhood Days

As like her elder sister Queen Elizabeth II, Princess Margaret was raised in Royal highness. She received all the privileges in the childhood, being a Royal child and the one very endearing in entire Royal family. Just like her elder sister Elizabeth, Princess Margaret received education at home. The Scottish Governess “Marion Crawford” was the first tutor of the Princess.

Princess Margaret Rose – Princess Margaret and the World War II

When the World War II outraged, The Prime Minister Winston Churchill asked young Princesses to move to Canada. This was for their safety and until the war comes to some settlement, they would be brought back to their family home. However, Margaret’s elder sister Elizabeth who was just 14 years old, avoided PM’s request, and decided to stay at the Windsor Castle until the conflict remains.

Princess Elizabeth II with Princess Margaret – During World War II

The little Margaret went fine with her sister’s decision and thought to be in their country, as when public needed their presence. They left message of courage for country’s children and women, in their first radio broadcast on October 1940.

Princess Margaret Rose – The Young Margaret

Princess Margaret was actually a princess in childhood and during times of her youth. With glittering blue eyes, glowing skin and an 18-inch waist, Princess Margaret was a true beauty.

Princess Margaret Rose – A Charming Beautiful Lady

As a young Margaret, she loved to socialize and to be prominent in the aristocratic scene. Margaret had several friendship-turned-affairs in the high society. She was active in attending balls and night parties and was known for her increased number of official engagements. Margaret was enthusiastic for her looks, and she cared less of how she was observed in the Press or even in the public. Princess Margaret always enjoyed Royalty without working for it at times of her youth.

Princess Margaret Rose, back in 1955

Princess Margaret Rose – Later affairs and marriage

Princess Margaret first love was Peter Townsend who was divorced and had two children. In 1953, Margaret decided marriage with Townsend along with his two children to take care of. As Princess Margaret was 16 years younger than Townsend and also he was divorced, her marriage got opposed by her first uncle Winston Churchill.

Princess Margaret and Peter Townsend

With Winston Churchill constantly opposing the marriage, Margaret decided not to marry Townsend, releasing an official statement confirming her refusal.

Photographer Antony Armstrong was the second love of Princess Margaret, whom she married on May 1960. Son David and daughter Sarah were children from this marriage. In the following year Princess Margaret became the Countess of Snowdown. With her inconsistent behavior, Margaret was always on the spotlight.

Princess Margaret Rose with Antony Armstrong – The Couple got Married in 1960

Princess Margaret was criticized by here non-seriousness towards Monarchy and taking forward Royal customs and responsibilities. Princess Margaret was always peculiar in her attitude, decisions and actions. After all, she was Princess Margaret.

Princess Margaret – Later Life

Princess Margaret Rose use to smoke heavily. She suffered a stroke in February 2002. Princess Margaret was admitted to King Edward Hospital VII thereafter. She was declared dead on 9th February 2002.

Vanessa Kirby in The Crown as Princess Margaret Rose

Princess Margaret Rose – Played by Vanessa Kirby in The Crown

Princess Margaret Rose – played by Vanessa Kirby in Netflix series The Crown

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