Prince Philip Mountbatten – Husband of Queen Elizabeth II of Great Britain – Son of Prince Andrew – Popular as the Duke of Edinburgh – Played by Matt Smith in The Crown – Born 1921 CE

Prince Philip Mountbatten – Early Life

Prince Philip was born in the Corfu Island of Greece on June 10th, 1921. With a formative affiliation with the city of Edinburgh, Philip became popular as the Duke of Edinburgh. He was the only son of Prince Andrew from Denmark and Greece, and Princess Alice, his mother from Battenberg. Right after Prince Philip was born, his maternal grandfather Prince Louis died in London. From his grandfather, Prince Philip took the British identity for the later aspect of time. Being the descendant of Queen Victoria, Prince Philip got recognized as one of the significant members of the British Royal Family.

Prince Philip Mountbatten – The Family and Early Life

1922 was a tough year for Prince Andrew of Greece, father of Prince Philip. The military government at that time opposed Prince Andrew and thus he was forced to disown the Greek throne. Prince Andrew was held responsible for Greece’s defeat during the Greco-Turkish war. Along with five other senior members, Prince Andrew got arrested on September 22nd, 1922. As for the Greek court decided exile for Andrew and his family, he was brought to leaving the country soon and until the Greek Monarchy is restored.

Now Prince Philip and his family moved to France, where Paris suburb in Saint-Cloud was their new home. Prince Philip’s father left for South of France, while his mother gradually was diagnosed with schizophrenia in 1930. As Philip’s father being distant, he shared the family house with his four siblings Cecilie, Sophie, Margarita and Theodora.

Prince Philip Mountbatten – Education and Profession

For primary education, Prince Philip firstly went to MacJannet American School and then to Cheam School in United Kingdom. He moved to Germany and next to Scotland in Gordonstoun School for continuing his later education. It was late 1930s when Prince Philip graduated and went to the Royal Naval College for joining British Navy in World War II. Prince Philip served there as a Naval officer who had a significant part in combating sea battle. The Royal Prince was there in the Tokyo Bay in 1945, when Japanese were about to surrender. He fought against his own German-in laws, caring less of the family ties and instead more of his patriotic beliefs.

Prince Philip, During the Second World War, 1944

Prince Philip Mountbatten – Marriage and later life experiences

Prince Philip had a crush on his thirteen year old cousin Elizabeth II. After years of lasting affair, Prince Philip proposed to Queen Elizabeth in 1946. Queen Elizabeth II father – King George VI stayed stubborn to give his daughter to the Greek Prince. Once, Prince Philip left his Greek and Danish titles only then was he able convinced both Queen Elizabeth II and her father King George VI for the marriage.

The Royal Couple – Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh

Prince Philip engaged to Queen Elizabeth on July 10th, 1947. After becoming a true British subject, Prince Philip got recognized as Duke of Edinburgh and Earl of Merioneth and Baron Greenwich.

Matt Smith potraying Prince Philip in TV Series The Crown

Matt Smith has played as Prince Philip in the TV series The Crown, a biopic of Queen Elizabeth II.

Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh – In his 90s

Prince Philip Mountbatten resides in Buckingham Palace.

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