Poverty Point Culture – The Most Prominent Ancient Culture of America 2200 BC – 700 BC

The Poverty Point Culture is the most prominent ancient culture of America. This culture developed around 2200 BC and lasted till 700 BC near lower Mississippi Valley and surrounding Gulf coast. They reach their zenith around 1500 BC. This culture marks the end of Late Archaic Period. This culture is most significant as it introduced a whole new trend of building Moulds in America and for making Concentric Earthworks. The archeological evidence regarding Mould building is found in many parts of US. There are almost 100 sites found which gives a great knowledge about these people.

Poverty Point Culture

Archeological diggings have been carried out in regions including the Jaketown Site near Belzoni, Mississippi, Watson Brake and the most famous site is at Poverty Point, which lies on the Macon Ridge near present day Epps, Louisiana.

Bead making

The Poverty Point Culture had people who used to make premium, engraved and elegant little stone beads. They were the first people to use stone for making bead. The previous cultures used soft materials like shell or bone for making bead.

Poverty Point Culture - Bead Work

Poverty Point Culture – Bead Work

The excellent cutting, print and shine work done by these people resulted in advanced and exclusive art forms. They made the beads of the images of many different animals which they saw in their surroundings. Animals were mostly owl, dog, locust, and turkey vulture.


These people were among the first archaic people who used to eat cooked food. In fact these people also built up a whole new system of cooking by regulating temperature of boiling.Β  They did this by using utensils of different shapes and sizes. Stone cooking bowls were used for preparing food items.


These people also started doing black magic in America. There are certain evidence that these people even made human figures for the purpose of conducting magic. The priest was given a very high position in society and apart from doing day to day rituals they also did magical activities.

Trade and Commerce


These people used to get iron ore from regions which were hundreds of miles away from their land. Apart from this these people used to receive items like slate, copper, galena, jasper, quartz, and soapstone. All these items were not locally found there. So it is predicted that these people had lond trade relationship.

Work on Clay

Poverty Point Culture - The Artifact

Poverty Point Culture – The Artifact

These people were having extraordinary talent in the field of pottery making apart from this they made cooking utensils, weapons, tools etc. These people also made astonishing statues of human and animals

Poverty Point

The people of Poverty point were masters in building ceremonial sites and big flat grounds. They knew the technique of flattening the ground using their tools. They made a big plaza at the center of Poverty Point which covered almost 150,000m2 area.

Poverty Point Culture - An Overview - 1938 AD

Poverty Point Culture – An Overview – 1938 AD

These people also build community center where they used to perform their rituals.

Watson Bridge

Watson Bride was the largest settlement in North America in 2nd century BC. This site is mostly known for it’s Concentric Earthworks. These people knew the technique for making Embankment and Ridges which could be few kilometers long. These People are also known for building a 50 feet high Pyramid. They also made a large bird effigy mound which was 21m high and covered an area of about 200m.

These people are also known for digging deep pits which were used as tool in their calendar. They even predicted seasons, eclipse, position of star etc.


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