Paleo Indians – The first people who lived in America – 18000 BC – 8000 BC

Paleo Indians were the first people who lived in American continent. They migrated from Siberia and inhabited this region around 18000 BC. This age of migration is often referred as the late glacial period or Ice Age. There are also evidences that some of these people crossed Bering Sea or an ice bridge which was found at that time. There are similarities found between the hunters living in Siberia and Alaska. Their linguistic patterns, molecular structure, DNA, genetic composition and blood types establish relation between the people from both the sides. Later on these people established themselves deep inside the continent as they moved southward in American Continent.

Paleo Indian Rituals Scene

The evidences regarding Paleo-Indians were firstly found in East Beringia, Alaska. It is estimated that these people first landed around this site somewhere in Western Alaska. As these people further moved Southward, there are numerous archeological sites found in Canada, especially in British Columbia, Alberta and Yukon. These people later moved to the great plains in US and their Southern limit extended till Monte Verde, Chile.

Due to the large area which these people covered they were having some regional variations in culture. But, there were certain things which were similar like tools, weapons and certain aspects of lifestyle. These people were nomads and didn’t know the way to do agriculture. They were mostly dependent on Nuts, Berries and Edible Roots for their food requirement. They also hunted birds, fish and aquatic animals. The four months of summer ensured a heavy supply of food during winters these people store their food in caves.

Paleo Indian Hunting for Food

The Paleo Indians were great Hunters. They developed tools like Microblade, fluted style Spear to kill animals. These people even traded these tools. Some trade routes are found between California and British Columbia.

Paleo Indian Weopons

These people later around 13500 years ago developed one of the earliest cultures in US. That culture is called Clovis culture.

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