Origin of Caste System And Reservations in Indian History

In the ancient books which describe many rituals like Samaveda, Yajurveda and Atharvaveda were composed by priests also describe rules followed in society.

There were several different groups in the society which include Brahmins, warriors, shopkeepers, farmers, fishermen, carpenters and forest persons. Mostly Brahmins and warriors were rich and labourers and carpenters were poor.

Ancient Caste System In India

Ancient Caste System In India

Mainly four groups called as “varnas” were formed and accordingly each group had different roles in the society.

  • The first group was that of Brahmin and they were expected to study the Vedas and perform rituals and sacrifices.
  • The other group was that of Kshatriyas and they used to fight and protect their people.
  • The third group was that of Vaishyas and they were farmers and traders. They were mostly shopkeepers and farmers who supply basic necessities to the other group.
  • The last group was of that of Shudras and was considered as untouchables. They were expected to serve all other three groups and were not allowed to perform any rituals. They were considered not worthy to sit with other groups. They even had their separate wells and were not allowed to drink water of other group’s people.

This is about the past so nothing can be done to change it. But the thing which must be brought under consideration is that such practices should not be practiced in our society now.  But  it is rising even more because of reservations.

It is good that government is providing education and giving more rights to reserved caste of the society but because of reservations, more differences are creating between people. And is increasing division of groups to a greater extent. Previously the injustice was done to the Shudras and now it is done to ‘so-called’ upper caste. There should be uniformity everywhere. The one who wants admission or job  must get it  on the basis of his capability and not because of reservation. Reservations are creating a wider gap between people of same country day by day.

Reservation must be stopped else it will broaden so much that people of same country will start hating each other and will become enemies.

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