Nagabhata I – Successor of Harshvardhana – Emperor of Ujjain – 750 AD – 780 AD

Nagabhata I (750–780 CE) was one of the most powerful rulers in Indian History who defended Northern India from the deadly invasion of Arabs.

The Legacy of Nagabhata-I

In 750 AD, Nagabhata-I replaced the throne of the great king Harshavardhana and established himself as the great ruler of Ujjain. At the same time, Gurjara-Pratihara Dynasty took control of the whole Western India from the hands of the famous Pushpabhuti Dynasty. Nagabhata-I extended his territory to the lands of Baroach which is known as the oldest city in the state of Gujarat.

There are many war stories about Nagabhata-I in which he fought bravely.

Nagabhata I - Emperor Of Ujjain - 750 AD - 780 AD

Nagabhata I – Emperor Of Ujjain – 750 AD – 780 AD

“History remembers such rulers who rule like a friendly king and fights like a deadly warrior. Nagabhata was one such ruler.”

Nagabhata-I – A Gruesome Warrior

One of the notable was the “Battle of Rajasthan” in 738 AD, in which Nagabhata-I along with Bappa Rawal, fought bravely against the Arab army which was under the leadership of Junaid. Nagabhata I defended his empire. As a result of this, the pride of the Western India was retained. Nagabhata I lost few of his battles during his series of battles to expand his territories. These include the war between Nagabhata I and the ruler Dantidurga, who belonged to the empire of Rashtrakutas.

Nagabhata I was preceded by Dadda III. He was succeeded by Vatsraja.  Nagabhata-I ruled over a large area of North-Western India for a period of 30 years, he left an idealistic impression on all the rulers that succeed him.

Written by: Rupak Som

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