Mantra of Happiness… The Joy of Giving… No one has ever become poor by giving…

It was my privilege to visit ‘Missionaries of Charity’ (Mother Teresa Ashram) in my city. I am not a Christian nor I have any links with Christianity but my first impression about the orphanage and the old age home was “Wow! How do they do it?” I believe in the concept of humanity and when I saw those Nuns working selflessly for poor and needy people I was surprised and a “Such people still exist…?”

The atmosphere was positive and I could feel the aura in the air and amazingly I started feeling happy… I wondered why?

The point that I want to make is that ‘pleasure of life is not in taking but in giving’. In case any of you thinks that nature was not kind enough to you visit, an orphanage you’ll see those children smiling. Children who are far lesser blessed…

Anjezë Gonxhe Bojaxhiu - Mother Teresa - Founder of Missionaries of Charity

Anjezë Gonxhe Bojaxhiu – Mother Teresa – Founder of Missionaries of Charity

Is it not a contradiction that even without getting any of the pleasures of life, which they may have deserved, they are still so happy?

I think if a person wants to remain happy he should donate his excessive luxury to the poor, if you feel bad about it try to see those people who were not blessed enough or to whom nature was not kind enough, this will surely decrease your ego and you find yourself getting happier!

Remember, we can fulfill our needs but not our greed. So value whatever you have and remain happy and satisfied!



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  1. Indeed! & Well Said… ‘pleasure of life is not in taking but in giving’

  2. Its just fantastic that you can understand the value of life and its importance at this age. And yes indeed, helping the needy is important. No matter how much one does it will never be enough. Being Human is very important.
    Well written.

  3. Ur a rockstar kiddo…u n Twinx really impress me all the time…she with her intellect n u wt ur vision towards humanity…what most of us in todays world fail to understand is…theres no religion or face to humanity n its really not required to serve the needy…we shud indeed feel happy n previleged that god chose us to be a reason for someone’s smile…even if its for a second!!!keep up the good work n inshallah god will be by ur side always since all he looks for is a ‘pure heart’ with no evil!!!…im always there with u in ur support for the needy!:) Jai Mata Di!:)

  4. Shubhanshu:

    I think your point is perfect: there is immense pleasure in giving. Any act of generosity triggers something joyful in us. It is, fortunately, just the way we are wired. And gifts of service provide all kinds of collateral emotional benefits, stemming from feelings of engagement and interconnection.

    When you contrast “giving” with “taking”, you make a different point — ethically sound, but perhaps misrepresenting the psychological dynamic. I’d certainly agree as a general principle of good behavior that one might aim to be a giver, not a taker. But what’s your position on “receiving”, which seems to me to be the more natural opposite of giving? I’d say that receiving can also be a beautiful thing — and quite emotionally satisfying and socially sensitive.

    Where we part company is on the Missionaries of Charity. I find the orphanage operation to be every bit as appalling as it is appealing. Sure, it seems harsh to criticize the selflessness of the nuns; but it is impossible for me to see past MOC’s thoughtless, formulaic, robotic approach. It is true — and true at some profound level — that we give service for ourselves as much as we do so for others. Indeed, I took this to be the point of your essay. Still, it is hard to find the compassion in service that is so blind to the basic needs of the beneficiaries.

    The world is a far better place for Mother Teresa’s famous courage, compassion, and inspirational sway. But this is largely because of her charisma and eloquence, by the power and simplicity of her hospice project, and how the ongoing organization is perceived by those who have never seen how it actually operates. I find it astonishing, though, whenever I hear actual praise for MOC.

    I have no criticism whatsoever of those who volunteer at MOC; I have nothing but admiration for those who do. And I understand full-well how those who volunteer there — particularly in helping disabled children deal with basic needs — come away feeling extremely positive about the experience. And I’m not completely surprised that the power of this experience would color their feelings of respect for the MOC organization. But I see something very different, and quite ugly there.



    • shubhanshu says:

      no body is perfect in this world ! and so is true for every organization , the most important aspect of MOC is that they work for the poor people . and that’s why we all must appreciate it . there is so much negative throughout the world but we should try to see the positive things to be more and more happy . that was the point i always wanted to raise ! hope i have not hurt any of your sentiments
      thanks for your comment

    • Hello MBJ,

      First of all thanks! for devoting so much of time in giving such an enriching and valuable comment!

      Second, “impossible for me to see past MOC’s thoughtless, formulaic, robotic approach”, I guess, if I’m right NUNs are made to stay away from worldly matter, which probably detach them from “TOO MANY EMOTIONS” and may be that is one reason for them being robotic in their approach.

      What I feel is “no one can replace the love and affection given by parents”, but we can (if not more) atleast appreciate the selfless nuns for whatever ‘more or less’ they are contributing to the society…

      I hope you’d agree to some extent and i’m making a bit of sense…


  5. Twinkle Jain says:

    “I wonder how they do it..” 🙂
    There is a Blind Ashram nearby which goes by the name “Prerna”. Blind girls live there, study there, work there. 🙂
    I went inside and I was like “Whaaat???” ..I saw a blind girl who was not more than 8 and she was trying to read. Its worse to know that they were left by their parents. The authorities were very co-operative.
    And they,blind girls themselves, run shops. I bought few pens and notebooks. They are so well versed with the location of objects. And they can feel if we are giving them a 10 Rs note or 5 Rs or 20 or whatever..
    Visit such places if they are in your city. .. where physically handicapped support each other 🙂

    • Twinks… The thing that you’re telling “ACTUALLY EXIST!” I saw one of such places when went to Goa. A shop in the mall was run by 3 blind men. I wonder how these people save themselves from getting cheated but in any case, the shop was doing a good business! Maybe they had the moral support from the natives & tourists… Maybe…

  6. Priyanka jain says:

    It’s very true bro that happiness of life is in giving not in taking…:)

  7. md. Azharuddin khan says:

    ya frndz u r absultly ri8.. I think,Actually help d needy is d pure happyness of soul…

    • My favorite smoothie combo has been orange juice, milk, scoop of Vanilla Sun Warrior, frozen mango, half a frozen banana. Mmmm. It12#8&7;s like mango ice cream, I swear!

  8. Very true, and thank you for stopping by.
    Being alive is a gift.

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  9. shubhanshu says:

    Thanks Ana ! I liked your biography a lot , please tell me your views on spirituality and life !

  10. shubhanshu says:

    Thanks Ana !
    I liked your views on spirituality and the way you life your life .

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