Malik Altunia – Malik Ikhtiyaruddin Altunia – Close Confidant of Razia Sultan – Governor of Bhatinda – 1213 AD – 1240 AD

Malik Altunia or Malik Ikhtiyaruddin Altunia  was the legislative head of Bhatinda (Punjab) in India under the guideline of the Delhi Sultanate under the Mamluk Sultanate. He drove a rebellion against Razia Sultana, the Sultana of Delhi. To escape demise, Razia consented to wed Altunia. Altunia and Razia embraced to take back the sultanate from Razia Sultan’s brother, Muizuddin Bahram Shah.

Malik Altunia - Governor of Bhatinda - Close Confidant of Razia Sultan - 1213 AD - 1240 AD

Malik Altunia – Governor of Bhatinda – Close Confidant of Razia Sultan – 1213 AD – 1240 AD

Malik Altunia – Amongst Forty Amirs of Sultan Iltutmish

A Turk Amir, Malik Ikhtiyaruddin Altunia was one of forty Amirs at the time of Sultan Iltutmish. Amid the time of Iltutmish, a great number of Amirs (his own slaves) had picked up impact in the organization of the kingdom. Sultan Iltutmish had held all the Amirs under his control. Notwithstanding, after his demise, all these 40 individuals needed to acquire power and impact. Amirs began working for themselves. It wouldn’t have been amazing if one of these 40 Amirs would have turn into the following Sultan, simply the way, Iltutmish turned out to be in the wake of crushing his ancestor’s (Qutub Din Aibak) child.

Malik Altunia – Support to Razia Sultan

Most of the Amirs rebelled Razia enormously. Being canny and sharp, Razia soon understood their shortcoming and began developing the seeds of doubt amongst them. Razia was helped significantly by Malik Altunia, for which he was remunerated intensely by Razia Sultan. Razia made Malik Altunia the Governor of Bhatinda.

Malik Altunia – Jealousy towards Jamaluddin Yakut and Revolt against Razia Sultan

Altunia remained the chief Advisor of Razia till he stayed in Delhi. On the other hand, later when he turned into the legislative leader of Bhatinda, Razia Sultan began depending on an Abyssinian Slave named Jamaluddin Yaqut. Yaqut in a short compass had obtained awesome position and rank. From a basic Amir-i-Akhur (Lord of the stables), he got to be Amir-ul-Umra (Chief of the Nobles). The position of Amir-ul-Umra was prior held just by a Turk of most noteworthy request.

Bhatinda during Malik Altunia 1238 AD

Bhatinda during Malik Altunia 1238 AD

At the point when a non-Turk slave picked up a higher position in Razia’s court, the nobles got a reason to revolt. The principal individual to revolt was the legislative head of Punjab. Nonetheless, when Razia walked towards Punjab, he withdrew his strides.

Incredibly, Razia’s great old supporter, the legislative leader of Bhatinda, Malik Altunia, was prepared for a war against her. It would have been truly a procedure to hold up and after that walk towards Bhatinda, however Razia was in rush to show her old supporter a lesson. When she came to Bhatinda, Jamaluddin Yaqut was executed and Razia was detained by Malik Altunia.

Malik Altunia – Marriage with Razia Sultan and Death in the war against Muizz-ud-din Bahram

Razia was detained by Malik Altunia, however  Altunia understood that the Turk nobles had made him a pawn of their expert conspiracy. The nobles made Iltutmish’s third son and Razia’s stride sibling Muizzuddin Bahram. Altunia then wedded Razia. The two alongside their armed force went to Delhi to recapture the throne. Notwithstanding, they were no match against Muizzuddin Bahram and his army, both were captured and assassinated on October 13, 1240.


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