Malayaketu – Successor of Porus of Punjab – Regained Punjab from Eudemus – Overthrown Dhananada – 315 BC – 299 BC

Malayaketu is considered as the ruler of Punjab from 315 BC – 299 BC. Malayaketu played a crucial role along with Chanakya and Chandragupta Maurya to overthrow the Nanda Dynasty of Magadha. Malayaketu is also known for a number of wars with Yavanas or Indo-Greeks who constantly raided the Punjab Kingdom from the west. During the reign of Malayaketu Kingdom of Punjab extended from Gandhara in the North-West to Mathura in the Indian Plains. Apart from a few minor wars with neighbouring Maurya Kingdom Malayaketu’s reign was a peaceful one.

Malayaketu - Punjab Kingdom Map 315 BC - 299 BC

Malayaketu – Punjab Kingdom Map 315 BC – 299 BC

Malayaketu – As an Army commander under Parvateshwar (Porus) 326 BC

Malayaketu was one of the most courageous army commander of Parvateshwar (Porus), the king of Punjab during the war of Hydaspes in 326 BC. According to some historian Malayaketu alone killed twelve warriors and in the final duel with Eudemus, Malayaketu defeated and spared him. Eudemus was later killed by Malayaketu in 305 BC in the war with the Yavanas (Indo-Greeks).

Malayaketu - King of Punjab after Porus 315 BC - 299 BC

Malayaketu – King of Punjab after Porus 315 BC – 299 BC

Malayaketu – Teamed up with Chandragupta Maurya and Chanakya to de-thrown Dhanananda

In 321 BC, Malayaketu was quite instrumental in overthrowing and defeating Dhanananda. It is said that Malayaketu drugged the king and took him outside his palace on his bare shoulders and made Chandragupta sit on his thrown instead. Chandragupta Maurya, who already had the local support was readily accepted as the king while Dhanananda was sent to exile. Malayaketu later returned to Punjab and became the prince of Punjab under Porus.

Malayaketu – Regained Punjab from Eudemus and Assumed Power as the King of Punjab
In a series of events Porus was treacherously killed by Eudemus and Eudemus assumed control of the Punjab territory. But people of Punjab were not ready to accept a Yavana (Indo-Greek) as their king. Instead, Prince Malayaketu had a huge backing of the court and kingdom. Eudemus was thus overthrown and removed from the throne within 2-3 months of killing of Porus.

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