Losing Faith in God – Why fight in the name of Religion…

I always had a very suspicious view concerning the impression of God. Thanks to my rational approach I always thought that how people can capitulate themselves in front of imperceptible and so called great powers, from my point of observation it looks preposterous that “if” the so called supreme power exists why is it not stopping felony against the humankind, “it may sound harsh but was the god under a long nap when holocaust was going on and 6 million Jews died…?”

We humans always have a tendency that whenever we are going through good times we think that’s all God’s grace but under bad times we always imagine that it’s because of our bad conduct in our past (some may even say past life) or because the god is unhappy with us or taking our test, some religions even focus that we must submit to his will soulfully… Others which are kind enough still say that we are children of God, but in real terms this relationship give the impression of being more of an autocratic masters and his puppet…

Losing Faith in God - Why fight in the name of Religion...

Losing Faith in God – Why fight in the name of Religion…

We live in a world where we have religions more than the colors in the rainbow..  From my childhood I personally witnessed many riots. Our newspapers were very conscious as they use to term it ‘clashes between several communities but in actual it was a clash between religions’ fighting to gain unconditional supremacy in the name of their holy wars which I don’t think were so “holy”. Those scenes still haunt me and I wonder how people can allow their human identity to be overhauled by their religious identity and they neglect that before they are Christian, Jews, Muslim or Hindus… “they are Humans …”

How people can support Hitler or anyone else just because that person belonged to their religion and they don’t even thinks that the ABC person is a butcher and killed so many innocent human beings…  In my next article I will surely write why people become believer… but this time for my critic brothers who say that “why to blame God it’s just bad deed of humans”. I should quote from Oscar winning movie Slumdog Millionaire, where Jamal Malik said If it wasn’t for Rama and Allah, I’d still have a mother.” May be, if this never existing entity never existed, our world would have been a better place to live.


  1. Nice use of quotations, especially one from “slumdog”

  2. Twinkle Jain says:

    “If it wasn’t for Rama and Allah, I’d still have a mother.”
    You know there was something like “The World would have been a better place had been there just two colors-Black and White!” written somewhere which is simply True!
    I believe The world would have been a lot better place had there been just one religion-“Pantheism”…Which is almost as good as Atheism! Just that in Atheism-there is no God…and in the former one “God=Nature..”
    The universalization of this view would have ensured both development and cleanliness!

  3. God Exposed !!

    • Well said!!
      The only religion that should be existent in the world is Humanism wherein there are no given rules from the books written thousands of years ago, and the preachers of those religions then would have no people to provoke and to use them for their own selfish deeds.

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