London Riots 2011 – Questions Unanswered – Burning of Union Square – Murder of Mark Duggan

London (or rather English) Riots 2011 are remarkable example of how some people have turned United Kingdom from a heaven to hell. Before going further one must know the overall personality of the ‘Martyr’ due to whom everything started.

The guy Mark Duggan who was termed as a ‘Martyr’ was actually a gangster and ‘crack cocaine dealer’. In response of his murder riots broke out in London on 6 august 2011, injuring at least 100 police officials in London. Property loss is more than several million pounds and loss of heritage architecture .  The most annoying fact is that certain people are not only supporting him but taking revenge in the most unwise way possible.

London Riot 2011, Murder of Mark Duggan

Tottenham is having one of the highest unemployment rate in London and it’s having history of racial clashes. Most of the people under the specific community are living in a very downtrodden situation and are highly distressed so they are showing their anger in this way. The fire of hatred which broke out in tottenham is now spread throughout the nation including Birmingham, Liverpool, Nottingham, Bristol and Medway

This unfortunate incidence gives rise to many questions. Is it justified to kill innocent people to show your anger? Is it right to loot and burn shops? What about those immigrants who wish to live peacefully in the most liberal societies of the world? No civilized society will accept this heinous crime. It will only raise hatred against certain sections of society, immigrants and multiculturalism in Europe. 

Every community must know the peaceful coexistence is the only way for progress.

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