John Smith and Pocahontas 1607 AD – Establishment of James Town – First Permanent English Colony in America 1601 AD

John Smith was an English explorer who was known for establishing First Permanent English Settlement on the American soil at Jamestown, Virginia. He is also remembered as one of the first European who established harmonious ties with Indians living in Virginia. His tales and association with Indian girl Pocahontas are still cherished. Born in 1580, from his childhood he was an adventurous soul. He defeated Turks in his youth and established New England in the New World. He also became the chief of Virginia Colony in 1608 and remained in that position till 1609.

Captain John Smith

Search of New World and establishing Jamestown

Smith left England on December 20 1601 with three ships. According to few tales the sailor of ship Newport used to hate him and was about to kill him. After reaching the New World in 1607 Smith was chosen as the leader of the campaign by the government so the other sailor had to change his mind.

Captain Wingfield chose Jamestown as the perfect site to establish English colony. The colony had to suffer many problems like water scarcity, extreme weather condition and attacks from the natives.

Meeting Pocahontas

John Smith was captured by Powhatan tribe in 1607 when he was in search of food. The tribe was about to execute Smith but Pocahontas, who was the daughter of tribal chief ‘threw herself on Smith’ to save his life.

The most important part of John Smith’s story is the meeting with Pocahontas in 1607. This tale is sometime referred as one of the most beautiful romantic tales which had never been seen before. Some historians argue that there was no romance as both were having a big age gap, others say it was a fictitious story narrated by James Smith. 

Tales of Pocahontas and Smith are still remembered by the natives.

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