John Quincy Adams – Sixth President of The United States of America – Subtle Rivalry between Andrew Jackson and John Quincy Adams – 1767 CE – 1848 CE

John Quincy Adams – Early Life

John Quincy Adams was born on 11th July, 1767 in Braintree, Massachusetts. He was the sixth American president. John Quincy Adams was a Democratic Republican. He didn’t go to school however he was tutored at home by his cousin. He accompanied his father in trips to Europe where he learnt French and Dutch. John Quincy Adams went to Harvard University and graduated in 1787 then he studied law, and worked as a lawyer in Boston. He had a wife, Louisa Adams, and three children. John Quincy Adams was humorless, arrogant however he had a superb mind.

John Quincy Adams – In his young days

John Quincy Adams – 1824 Elections against Andrew Jackson

In 1824, it was the first time to count the popular vote in the states elections. John Quincy Adam’s opponent was the hero of New Orleans and very popular American icon Andrew Jackson. Andrew Jackson won the popular votes by a landslide however the Electoral College chose John Quincy Adams instead and according to the constitution then, the candidate should be able to win the votes of the college. When John Quincy Adams was elected as president, a deal or a bargain was made, and Andrew Jackson was chosen as a Vice President and the Head of the House of Representatives helped constructing this deal. There were so many doubts and mistrust after this bargain because it felt very corrupt. This mistrust affected John Quincy Adams’ presidency severely.

John Quincy Adams – Sixth President of The United States of America

John Quincy Adams – Politics and Office

As a manager in office, Quincy Adams was arrogant and very inflexible. Politics during his term was very rancid and problematic that he was not able to accomplish anything he wanted. The Congress was too obstructive and stopped many legislations helping John Quincy Adam’s cabinet. That was all happening because of the power of the Jacksonians in the House of Representatives. John Quincy Adams wanted to explore the western territories and promoted scientific research and discovery. He also funded public schools and libraries, built new roads, bridges and canals. As per historians, Quincy Adams term was one of the worst four years term that the US has witnessed due to stagnancy of politics.

John Quincy Adams – 1828 Brutal Elections

The 1828 election was considered the dirtiest and dishonest elections the United States has ever witnessed. When John Quincy Adams bided for a new term, Andrew Jackson was on his way again. The people were much divided on whom to take to the office and the press played an important and very unethical role in these elections. Character and personal life was the main focus of the press and campaigners on both sides, it even got the wives and the personal relationships of both candidates involved. Other important matters like politics, taxes and internal affairs were not the common man’s main interest in these elections. Although Andrew Jackson was brutally attacked John Quincy Adams and his wife Louisa by the press, Andrew still proved that he had better popular ground and won the elections. John Quincy Adam’s presidency ended in 1829. John Quincy Adams wasn’t gracious in defeat and left the capital before Andrew Jackson was inaugurated.

John Quincy Adams – End of Career and Death

John Quincy Adams – Photo by Philip Haas Daguerreotype in 1843 CE

John Quincy Adams was the only former president to be chosen in the House of Representatives. John Quincy Adams was the first president to wear long trousers and was the first American president to have his photograph taken in 1843.

Pencil Sketch of Final Moments of John Quincy Adams – 1848 CE

John Quincy Adams Grave – Next to Father John Adams Grave

He died in 1848 in Washington D.C.

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