John Cabot – The Man who discovered Mainland North America 1497 AD

John Cabot was an Italian explorer who is mostly known for discovering and exploring the mainland North America. It is widely believed that he was the first European to reach the mainland and Northwest Passage. John Cabot was born in 1450 AD in Venice, Italy. He was a Roman Catholic and hired by King Henry of England to search for New World.

Discovery of North America

Cabot started his journey from Bristol in 1497. He sailed through Ireland and then crossed whole Atlantic Ocean to reach the Newfoundland, Canada on 24 June 1497. The Canadian and English government records suggest that he first landed in Cape Bonavista in Newfoundland. 500 years of discovery of North America was celebrated in 1997 where Queen Elizabeth 2 also participated and greeted replica of Mathew of Bristol (Ship of John Cabot).

John Cabot – Italian explorer who discovered North America

Expedition within continent

When Cabot moved inside the continent he discovered no natives. He was successful to obtain the remains of fireplaces and settlement sites. He also raised flags of Papal showing that authority of land is with the Roman Catholic Church. Along with Papal flag there was flag of England showing the authority of King Henry in the region.

The Matthew – Tiny Ship of John Cabot

Reward from English king

He returned back England in August. He was rewarded by king Henry on 10th August. Later in December he was offered a pension. In 1498 he went to second expedition, it was reported by English newspapers that he was carrying  cloth, caps, lace-points and other “trifles” with him.

John Cabot Statue, Bristol

Cabot died in the year 1499.

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