James Monroe – Fifth President of The United States – A Democratic Republican – Succeeded by John Quincy Adams – 1817 – 1825

James Monroe – Early Life

James Monroe is the fifth president of the US. He was born on 28 April, 1758 in Westmoreland County, Virginia. He studied law with Thomas Jefferson. James Monroe is the last president of the “Virginia Dynasty” and the revolutionaries / Architects of the American Republic. His family was from Scotland. He attended Campbell town Academy and was a very remarkable student. James Monroe had a wife, Elizabeth and two children. He was a renowned war hero, honest and patient.

James Monroe – Became the Fifth President of The United States of America

His management style was as hands off executive followed by delegated authority. James Monroe was an amicable, unopposed president with a very smooth and peaceful presidency. James Monroe was elected twice (4th March 1817 – 4th March 1825) for the office without any rivals because most people liked him so much that his era was called “The Era of Good Feelings”. James Monroe was a Democratic Republican.

James Monroe – Fifth President of The United States of America – 1817 CE – 1825 CE

James Monroe – Politics and the Missouri State Acquisition

James Monroe purchased the Missouri state, which ignited a political debate over slavery. It was decided if Missouri would be a free state or a slave state. So James Monroe declared that he would veto against any legislation that would restrict self-determination for any state, so it ended with the Congress passing the “Missouri Compromise” that made it a free state and no expansion in slavery actions. James Monroe planned to move the African slaves back to an American colony in Africa called “Monrovia” – the first foreign capital to be named after a US president.

Battle of Trenton by Charles McBarron – James Monroe Got Critically Wounded In This War

James Monroe – Border Disputes

It started with a crisis in Florida, which was governed by Spain however it was under the attacks of pirates and Indians. These gang groups were controlled also by the British and launched raids on northern colonies. James Monroe assigned Andrew Jackson, hero of New Orleans to invade Florida. So he did, and captures the British and executed them, which made a huge international problem between the US, Britain and Spain. It led later to a deal between Spain and the US and Florida was given to the US to govern in 1819.

In 1823, there were some minor border disputes with Russia over Alaska, James Monroe delivered a message to the Congress containing a small paragraph, that was considered his legacy saying “that the American continents are not to be subjected to colonization by any European power” known as the “Monroe Doctrine” and was written by John Quincy Adams.

James Monroe – Early days of James Monroe

James Monroe – The End of the Revolutionary Generation

James Monroe’s end of presidency was a turning point in American history. It was the end of the Founding Fathers generation, the architects of the republic and the revolutionaries.

Grave of James Monroe

They were considered honorary citizens, leaders and pioneers, symbols of the American nation and one of kind statesman. James Monroe died on July 4th, 1831 in New York and becomes the third president to die on Independence Day.

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