James Madison – Fourth President of United States – Father of American Constitution – Got into British American War – 1751 CE – 1836 CE

James Madison – Early Life

Madison was born on 15th March 1751 in Belle Grove, Virginia. He was very qualified for the office as he was known to have a more disciplined mind and better way of thinking than Jefferson. Madison was everything Jefferson wasn’t. James Madison was married to Dolley Payne Todd Madison, who was the first ‘First Lady’ in the White house. He had no children. James Madison and his wife were known for their extravagant parties. He was funny and had a sense of humor, calm demeanor and was always prepared and ready. James Madison was never given to rage or small talk. He went to Princeton University. James Madison introduced the Bill of Rights when he was in Congress.

James Madison Portrait – Fourth US President

James MadisonThe Time as President of USA – 1809 CE – 1817 CE

He was the right hand of Thomas Jefferson, a Democrat Republican and the previous Secretary of State. His term started March 4, 1809 and was re-elected for a second term which ended in 1817. James Madison was a revolutionist and one of the Founding Fathers. He was, as mentioned, always ready and did his homework; however he was overly taken by the war of 1812 CE. James Madison was called the father of the constitution. James Madison drafted the constitution in 1780s.

1808 CE Election Result for James Madison

Constitution of the United States – Drafted by James Madison

James Madison – The British American War of 1812 CE

James Madison was pushed by the events to go to war with England in 1812. It all started when the British Navy started seizing American trade ships which led to declaration of war. James Madison was the first American president to ask the Congress to declare a war with British. It was a flawed decision since the British army and navy outnumbered the American army. The US army was a mere militia and the navy had only 20 ships in comparison to 2000 on the British side. Things got worse till the British invaded the US capital Washington and burnt it. Madison was the first and only sitting president to face enemy fire. The Americans were defeated which made James Madison send a peace delegation to the United Kingdom and signed the treaty of Ghent in 1814. Madison learnt a very harsh lesson and was held responsible for driving the nation to war.

USS Constitution vs British HMS Guerriere – The British Ship was burnt -1813 CE


Oliver Hazard Perry defeated British Navy at the Battle of Lake Erie in 1813

Before the war, James Madison proposed to rent the Portuguese Navy, instead of building ships for the US navy. Though, this never happened.

 James Madison – Later Life

In the later life James Madison was generally ignored by the new age of politicians. James Madison died on June 28, 1836 in Virginia.

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