Jainism – A Scientific Religion

Most of the times when discussions take place on religion and science people usually avoid comparing and contrasting both the entities. As traditionally science and religion are considered to be against each other.

‘Science is lame without religion and religion is blind without science’.

Jainism truly acted as a ‘bridge between science and religion’, Jainism mentions a ‘science-friendly God’.

Fundamentally most of the world’s religions emphasize that there is creator of the universe but science mentions that matter and energy can’t be created or destroyed. So basically science mentions that “something can’t come from nothing”. A person who observe universe will also find that there is no creator and things are actually coming out of other things, NOT from nothing. Jainism support science and mention that universe is “eternal” and there is no creator or destroyer.

Ahimsa - Making sense of Science

Ahimsa – Making sense of Science

Another point which develops conflict between science and religion is that religion believes that there is a ‘superpower’ which is controlling our activities but science mentions that our nervous system controls our body, simply ‘we control ourselves’.

So who is right?

A person who observes his body activity will find that whatever he actually wants to do is executed by his body and no other ‘superpower’ is controlling his function. So the concept of superpower is also erroneous.

Jainism mention that there is NO superpower and every living being is free. ‘It’s the individual who do good and bad and he gets result as per his deeds.’

Thus Jainism doesn’t believe in any creator, superpower or destroyer. It believes in God as a ‘Supreme Soul’ and not a ‘Supreme power’.

Any soul can become supreme soul by removing sins inside it. Jainism primarily emphasizes on non violence, truth, compassion and world peace.

In this way Jainism teach all the moral values found in all major religions keeping science in mind. Thus Jainism is a harmonious combination of science and religion.

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