India Pakistan War – 16 December 1971 – Also an exemplary planning of Sam Manekshaw

There were two important aspects about 1971 Bangladesh war

  1. Firstly it proves the discrimination factor were critically fatal, and resulted in division of East and West Pakistan
  2. Secondly, a good strategy is the most important thing in any war
End of India - Pakistan War of 1971 - Surrender Treaty - 16 December 1971

End of India – Pakistan War of 1971 – Surrender Treaty – 16 December 1971

It was historical for India to fight a war and win it within 14 days!  And not only that 90,000 Pakistani soldiers surrender and birth of a new nation “Bangladesh” took place.

Talking about the point A the “discrimination factor

  • Bengali was the most spoken language of Pakistan still Urdu was made the official language
  • Not a single Prime Minister, President or Chief Justice of Supreme Court was from the East
  • Even after winning the election Mujibur Rehman was arrested by the army and thrown in jail

All the above reasons led to the development of Bengali nationalism and a new nation took birth on the basis of its cultural and linguistic identity.

Talking about point 2, the “strategy factor”

It was evident that there was a mass genocide and migration of Bangladeshis was going on. In the mid May of 1971 Prime Minister of India decided to attack on Pakistan but it was field marshal Sam Manekshaw who stopped her from doing so on two grounds,

  • Firstly it was May time that is flood times in Bangladesh which will badly affect the military action
  • Secondly the polar icecaps were melted and China could spoil everything.
Sam Manekshaw - An Exemplary Strategist

Sam Manekshaw – An Exemplary Strategist

So it was decided to attack in December this strategy proved to be an asset as it changed the whole course of the war. On 16 December 1971 Bangladesh got independence.

One Comment

  1. Had the war extended for few more days US troopers were ready to fight against Indians… The result could have been different then… Thanks to Sam Manekshaw, war ended in 14 days!

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