Hopewell Tradition – Combination of Native American Cultures – 200 BC – 500 AD

The Hopewell tradition is a combination of various Native American cultures that developed around 200 BC and remained in existence till 500 AD. The Hopewell culture developed in the Eastern and Central regions of present day United States. These cultures were linguistically, culturally, socially and economically different and they were connected through a common trade network called Hopewell Exchange System. Various raw materials and exotic resources were traded from one culture to another. These raw materials were manufactured to make excellent finished goods like shell necklaces, knives, blades, projectile points etc.

Hopewell Mound

Some of the most important cultures of Hopewell Tradition are :

Armstrong Culture

The Armstrong Hopewell culture developed around Big Sandy River valley. Most of the artifacts regarding this culture are found in Kentucky and Virginia. They were culturally similar to Adena people.

Copena Culture

Copena culture name is derived from metal copper and galena. Most of the artifacts regarding this culture are found in regions like Alabama, tennese, Kentucky etc. The artifacts are made from copper and galena.

Crad Orchard Culture

The crad orchard culture developed in the flood plains of ohio river. These people were very developed and some of their sites like Mann site reveal lots of artifacts related with these people. Other sites  are in Indiana and Illinois.

Goodall Focus

This culture developed around 200BC and remained in existence till 500AD. The goodall culture flourished in regions like lake Michigan and Indiana. Goodall site is found in northwest Indiana.

Havana Hopewell Culture

The Havana culture developed in river valleys of missipi and Illinois river. Many of it’s artifacts and weapons are found in iowa illlnois and Missouri. They later evolved in the missipian culture with their capital at Cahokia.

Kansas City Hopewell

The Kansa Hopewell culture is mostly known for it’s mound building. Few of it’s sites are Renner Village, Trowbridge, Cloverdale sites etc. They are also known for their Hopewell style of pottery and stone tool making technique

Laurel Complex

The first evidence of these people were found in laurel Minnesota,.They were the first people who started building pottery in southern Canada and ontario. Many of the archeological sites are found in Quebec, Manitoba etc.

Marksville culture

Marksville culture is named after Marksville site in lousiana. This culture developed in southern valley of missipi river. It later evolved in Baytown and coles creek culture.

Miller Culture

The miller culture is located in upper Tombigbee River drainage areas of Southwestern Tennessee, Northeastern Mississippi and West central Alabama. It’s archeological site is Pinson Mounds they developed great pottery and artifacts.

Montane Hopewell

The montane Hopewell culture is located in Tygart Valley area, an upper branch of the Monongahela River, of northern West Virginia. They are known for their conical mounds. This culture is related with coles creek culture.

Ohio Hopewell Culture

The Ohio Hopewell culture is located in the regions Scioto River Valley (from Columbus to Portsmouth, Ohio) and adjacent Paint Creek, centered on Chillicothe, Ohio. It is known for it’s burial sites and mounds. They are also known for their earthwork.

Point Peninsula Culture

The Point peninsula culture is located in regions like new York and Ontario. They had peculiar burial and ceremonial practices relating them with ohio valley people.

Saugeen Complex

The Saugeen Complex is located in southeast shores of Lake Huron and the Bruce Peninsula, around the London area, and possibly as far east as the Grand River. These people had relation with Odawa people in Ottawa. Some of their artifacts are found from Grand River.

The Swift Creek Culture

The swift creek culture developed in south central US. It developed in 100 AD and destroyed in 7000 AD. Climatic factors were responsible for the destruction of this culture.

Wilhelm culture

Wilhelm culture developed around the Northern Panhandle of West Virginia. They had trade relation with Armstrong people. They used to trade items like pipe and pottery with the big sandy valley people.

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