Helen Keller – An Amazing Inspiration – Great Woman – 1880 – 1968

I was in fourth grade when I first came to know about the most inspiring and powerful lady I could ever know “Helen Keller”, as any young disabled (deaf, blind) person Helen too was completely disappointed and irritated from her life in her initial days, but she never gave up. She continued to push the boundaries of what’s possible. Her dedication, courage and passion converted her from an ordinary to an extraordinary person.

Helen Keller - The Most Amazing Woman

Helen Keller – The Most Amazing Woman

She knew that there are many hindrances in her way to get educated. She wanted to shatter the pre-image of the society that disables can’t contribute to the society. After a long struggle she got a degree of BA from the Radcliff College. She was the first person ever to do so. Keller’s success in spite of her disability inspired many people and after that she has done a lot to promote many social causes.

Helen Keller worked for the poor, workers, disabled. She used to give speeches or do campaign to uplift the downtrodden segment of society. She used to write to senators, ministers at the highest level possible for the rights of blind people. Her work was not only limited within her national boundaries she wrote against the violence of Nazi, though her books were burned by them she remain unaffected, women of such a character is hard to find.

Helen Keller - As a little Girl

Helen Keller – As a little Girl

The power of Helen Keller comes through her words when you read her letters you can hear her fighting her passion for the thing she believed in. Her disability in no way stopped her dedication to serve the blind people and made her one of the most inspiring person.

Helen Keller - An affectionate animal lover

Helen Keller – An affectionate animal lover

Helen Keller life shows how a less than ordinary person can become extraordinary by toiling hard and by never giving up! She’s indeed the MOST AMAZING WOMEN you’d ever know.

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