First Battle of Rajasthan – Gurjara Pratihara, King Nagabhata I against Junaid of Umayyad Arab Dynasty – 738 AD

The first battle of Rajasthan was important in particular not only because it checked the Arab Invasion to the East of Indus (for at least a century) but it also marked the Unification of three powerful Indian kingdom to fight against a common cause, to keep the powerful Arab out of Indian borders.

First Battle of Rajasthan 738 AD Map

First Battle of Rajasthan 738 AD Map

Background of the Battle – Arab Umayyad Caliphate

By the end of 7th century AD Islam had become an extremely influencing and powerful religion in the world. It had widely spread all over the Arab world. The Umayyad Caliphate launched ambitious campaigns in order to take over the world. Their leader Mohammad bin Qasim was a successful ruler who captured Iran and Afghanistan. His successor Junaid ibn Abdur-Rahman al-Marri further expanded his kingdom getting hold of the kingdom of Sindh, a kingdom which was under the rule of King Dahir of Rai Dynasty. Junaid also invaded and plundered the wealth of a lot of small kingdoms of Malwa, Gujarat and Rajasthan. This onslaught by Junaid and his powerful forces was finally checked by Lalitaditya of Kashmir and Yasovarman of Kannauj.

Background of the Battle – A Triple Alliance of Nagabhata I of Pratihara, Avanijanashraya Pulakesi of Rashtrakuta and Bappa Rawal of Hindu Rajput Clan

Gauging the seriousness of the situation as well as the power of Arab forces, Pratihara King, Nagabhata I appealed to Jayasimha Varman of Rashtrakuta Dynasty to unite for the cause. Jayasimha Varman in turn sent his son Avanijanashraya Pulakesi to support Nagabhata I. The two great dynasties of India supplemented the already fighting Hindu Rajput Mewar kingdom, under Bappa Rawal, at the border of Rajasthan.

Gurjara Pratihara, King Nagabhata I against Junaid of Umayyad Arab Dynasty - 738 AD

Gurjara Pratihara, King Nagabhata I against Junaid of Umayyad Arab Dynasty – 738 AD

The Battle and its Result

The battle was fought between 5000-6000 Rajput infantry and cavalry facing more than 30000 Arabs. The Rajput fought bravely and managed to kill Emir Junaid, the leader of Arab tribes, during the war. This enhanced the moral of Hindu Rajput and Gurjara. As a result, Arabs had to call of the battle and had to run across to the other side of Indus River in order to save their lives.

The Triple Alliance of Indian Hindu Kingdoms was able to resist the Arab Invader from capturing any part of India (at least for another century).


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