Establishment of New Netherland 1614 AD – First Dutch Colony of America – History of New York

The New Netherlands was the Dutch Colony that was established in 1614 AD. The territory was spread in present day East Coast Regions of USA  – New York, New Jersey, Connecticut Pennsylvania and Rhode Island. It’s Capital was New Amsterdam which later evolved in present day New York City. The colony was mainly established to gain profit from the fur trade that used to happen in the East Coast Region. Initially the Colony was not so well established because the Dutch Companies were not able to organize the Colony properly, moreover there was intense conflict with the English Colonies in North and New Sweden, the Swedish Colony in the South, but later in 1650s the things soon changed and the Dutch Colony were able to attract many people and huge amount of trade started in this region.

Dutch Colonies in America, 1674

Decline of the New Netherland

In 1664 AD the New Netherlands was captured by the English people. It is said that the war started when the English controlled the Fort Amsterdam in 1664. It led to second Anglo-Dutch war which ended in 1667 AD when Treaty of Breda was done under which the New Neatherland was given to England. After that another war took place between English and Dutch and Dutch were able to conquer New Netherlands again in 1673.

Dutch later in 1674 agreed to give New Netherland back to England under the treaty of Westminster which officially ended the third Anglo Dutch war.

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