Establishment of New Amsterdam – History of New York City – 1625 AD

A Dutch Colony named New Netherlands established in America 1625 AD. The capital was called New Amsterdam which later evolved as the New York City. The Dutch West India company used to have monopoly over the fur trade in the East Coast so it was decided by the Dutch that Amsterdam Fort would be created on the Southern-most tip of Manhattan Island which will help in protecting Dutch traders from the attack of Natives and other European Powers.

New Amsterdam, America, 1664

Exploration by Hudson

The first exploration of this region was conducted by Dutch Explorer Henry Hudson. Henry Hudson came to the conclusion that the area is rich in Animal fur (Beaver) and thus it is appropriate to be established as Dutch Colony. The fur was of high value in the European Market. The main aim of Dutch was to establish a colony which will have strong trade links and military alliance with the natives and can become a hub of trade on the east coast.

Henry Hudson (1562 - 1611)

Start of Trade and Flourishing of Settlement

The delta of Hudson River was selected as a suitable place to establish settlement as this region was an ice-free region and had a strategic position. The place was very near to many important native tribe at that time. The natives used to trade various fur items with the Dutch. Dutch sent those items to European Market and earned lots of profit. In 1621 they established Dutch West India Company. In 1624, many Dutch families started settling in this region. Till 1625 the Fort Amsterdam was also created to protect the Dutch Traders. Soon, New Amsterdam was established as the most prominent city of east coast.

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